Gowanus Townhouse by Raad Studio

Step into the world of the Gowanus Townhouse, a futuristic masterpiece nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Designed by Raad Studio in 2015, this one-of-a-kind townhouse serves as a canvas for the owner’s organic, visceral artistry. Immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of architecture and art, where a functional plaster sculpture transforms the space, creating cozy nooks and intriguing passages to explore.

Gowanus Townhouse by Raad Studio - 1
Gowanus Townhouse by Raad Studio - 2
Gowanus Townhouse by Raad Studio - 3
Gowanus Townhouse by Raad Studio - 4
Gowanus Townhouse by Raad Studio - 5
Gowanus Townhouse by Raad Studio - 6

About Gowanus Townhouse

The Unique, Organic Design of an Artist’s Townhouse

RAAD designed a townhouse specifically for an artist, known for her organic and visceral artwork. They crafted a minimalist space that provides a clean canvas for her creations. The heart of the house, however, is dominated by a massive plaster sculpture that the artist herself constructed. This functional fungus-like structure seems to “infect” the building, spreading throughout and consuming the architectural features.

A Sculpture that Engulfs the Space

The organic sculpture overtakes the windows, the window seat, the custom RAAD speaker credenza, and even extends to the next floor. This unique piece not only adds a striking visual element to the space, but also serves practical purposes. It creates a cozy reading nook, a fireplace, candle niches, and even a passage that allows one to climb to the upper level.

Photography courtesy of Raad Studio

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- by Matt Watts