CGD by Hanazaki Paisagismo

CGD House is a modern architectural masterpiece designed by Hanazaki Paisagismo, nestled in the heart of Campinas, Brazil. This luxurious haven boasts a sprawling 3000m² (32,291 sq ft) garden oasis, reflecting the natural beauty of the region.

Campinas, the second largest city in São Paulo state, is known for its vibrant atmosphere and picturesque landscapes. The CGD House marries these elements with cutting-edge design, creating a serene retreat perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

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About CGD

A Unique Garden in Campinas, Brazil

Nestled in a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs of Campinas, the second largest city in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, this stunning garden spans a 3000m² (32,292ft²) polygonal terrain. The architects took advantage of the land’s unique shape to create dynamic interior spaces, while also offering panoramic views of the horizon.

Innovative Water Features and Reflecting Pool

Water plays a significant role in the garden’s design, shaping the landscape with various depths and volumes. An expansive pool lane, elevated just a few centimeters above ground level, showcases this innovative approach. A spa is also seamlessly integrated into the reflecting pool, boasting a raised water volume. Both the pool and spa feature black volcanic stone tiles that change shades depending on the light, creating a smooth, reflective surface that enhances the garden’s visual appeal.

Lush Vegetation and Pathways

Islands filled with lush vegetation float amidst the reflecting pool, creating a paradisiacal atmosphere that extends throughout the garden. A travertine marble pathway connects the pool lane, striking a contrast against the dark water. From the gourmet area, steps lead to a sunken lounge featuring a cozy fireplace and a captivating view of the swimming pool and the surrounding landscape.

Contemplative Garden and Natural Pond

Within another enclosed space, the landscape architect designed a contemplative garden that can be admired from the living room. Lush greenery surrounds a natural pond teeming with fish, while sculptural stone walls block the view of the garage access. A cascading waterfall flows into the pond, providing a soothing soundtrack and enhancing the area’s thermal comfort.

Tropical Plants and Statuesque Palm Trees

The plant selection focuses on an exuberant green palette, featuring tropical species adapted to the local climate and flowering plants and trees that provide bursts of color throughout the year. In the main garden, towering palm trees add verticality to the architecture and offer welcome shade during hot days.

Photography courtesy of Hanazaki Paisagismo

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- by Matt Watts