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Designed in 2018 by Hanazaki Paisagismo, this luxurious private home is located in Campinas, Brazil.

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The garden is located on a 3000m² polygonal terrain in a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs of Campinas, the second largest city in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Due to the shape of the terrain, architecture inserted volumes on different angles creating inner spaces, but that also opens up to the horizon. Water should play a major role on the main outdoor area, so the landscape is sculpted into shapes and volumes that can be filled with water, playing with volumes and depths. The pool lane is an extensive water volume raised a few centimeters from the ground.

The same effect is used on a spa inserted in the reflecting pool, as a raised volume of water. They are laid with black volcanic stone tiles, that offer several shades of colors which change, depending on the light. They are also a smooth reflective surface meant to expand the perception of the garden and the sky.

Some islands amidst the reflecting pool with lush vegetation yield a natural paradisiac feeling that extends to the vegetation throughout the garden. A pathway in travertine marble crosses the reflecting pool to reach the pool lane and its light color strikes a contrast to the darker tones of the water. Extending from the gourmet area, steps lead to a lounge with a fireplace below ground level. It offers coziness and a stunning perspective of the swimming pool towards the house and its surroundings.

The architecture encloses another inner space and the landscape architect took advantage of it to design a contemplative garden that can be enjoyed from the living room. A lavish green scenery envelops a natural pond with fish and a sequence of sculptural stone walls sets a background and blocks the view of the access to the garage. A cascade runs onto the pond producing a calming sound and enhancing thermal comfort with the pond.

The plants were selected to achieve an exuberant green palette, mostly tropical plants adapted to the local climate and flowering plants and trees to offer shades of color during different times of the year. On the main garden, statuesque palm trees add verticality to the architecture and offer a pleasant shade from the sun during the hot days.

Photography courtesy of Hanazaki Paisagismo

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- by Matt Watts