Jan Olieslagers by Collectief Mars Architecten

This inspiring modern two-story home located in Antwerp, Belgium, has been designed in 2018 by Collectief Mars Architecten.


Behind a modest facade lurks an explosion of light and liveliness. Safe but generous. A spacious entrance hall entangles service chambers as restroom, storage space and office space and links the day with the night functions. The transition from public life to intimacy is further on mediated by a prominent transculant steel door. Behind this door ‘places’ like living-area, kitchen and dining-room are suggested by variations in sealing hight, materiality and architectural elaboration. A glazed timber framing emphasizes where the dining-table belongs. Long wooden beams and a wall cabinet stage the seating area.

Photography courtesy of Collectief Mars Architecten

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- by Matt Watts

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