B&E Loft by Dear Studio

Located in Bolzano, Italy, this high-quality modern living space has been designed for a young family by Dear Studio.


Therefore partition walls were demolished and the rooms were rearranged.A white multifunctional one-piece furniture covers the existing supporting structure and serves as a room divider between the living-dining area and entrance. It contains a wardrobe, kitchen elements and storage space as well as shower and toilet of the master bedroom. Integral part of design are two boxes in dark oak with contrasting room atmospheres:

Introverted as intimate bedroom, home cinema and walk-in wardrobe;

Extroverted as representative dining room, reinterpretation of the existing traditional “Tyrolean Stube” and central element of the apartment. The flat is highly flexible, allows simultaneous usability and creates loft character in a compact space. The kitchen unit with motorized flap becomes a bar or hides dirty dishes, a curtain separates temporary the living room from the dining space, a workstation can be folded out of the bookshelf.

Photography by Davide Perbellini

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- by Matt Watts

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