Casa Mejorada Pavilion by Arista Cero

Located in the Mejorada neighbourhood in the historic centre of the city of Mérida, the project transforms an unused patio into a leisure pavilion.


The proposal seeks to respect the pre-existing and to build only what is essential to generate greater amplitude in the space. The tour begins through a traditional hallway typical to many properties in the historic centre, alongside the hallway three steps above, we find the pool, finished with a stone wall that blends with the existing masonry sidewalls.

The proposal starts from two walls at the centre of the terrain, arranged differently to generate a route within the space. These walls support a steel grid which spatially generates different environments and functionally supports two quadrants with tarpaulins that creates shade on the interior. Two shaded areas are generated: a resting room with two chairs, a stool and a hammock and another area that gives access to the pool.

Regarding the material aspect, we sought to work with materials that age gracefully. Polished white cement for the floors, walls and pool, local stone on the back wall and steel to support the shadow meshes. The vegetation of the surrounding helps the users to feel as in a natural environment, despite being in the centre of the city.

Photography courtesy of Arista Cero

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- by Matt Watts

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