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Located within a magnificent desert that merges with the sea, this designer home-studio surrounded by the desert and rich farmlands is 5 minutes from San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

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Ánimas is the first project our studio has developed from its foundation. At Mar Studio, our design process starts with structure and architecture, it’s always a process that includes finishes and materials, the play of light and shade, the importance of beauty and functionality. We create from the ground up. With this project, we seek to redefine ourselves and the spaces where we work and live. The loft design adapts to the existing mountainous topography of the region and follows the lines of the desert and rocky nature of the mountain where the loft sits and allows the design to be part of the beauty of the landscape.

The central concept of the project was to create a contemporary space where we can live, base our design studio and be inspired by the landscape and the breathtaking views of the ocean. Looking for spatial and functional efficiency we went for an open concept that allows the interaction between the interior and the exterior. We carefully crafted our design based on local materials to create a multi-functional space that pays respect to artisans and local talent. We decided to design a loft that is more common in the city to create a spacious and fresh space based in high ceilings, horizontal lines and vast windows allowing the ocean breeze to be part of the environment. With concrete blocks, steel beams and local woods we designed our home in an elevated mountain, a space that privileges the views towards the ocean, we achieve this by creating a 12-meter flown structure that projects to the horizon, a balcony with breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez with its biodiversity that invites you to create and live in peace with nature. Our inspiration for the decoration comes from the colors and textures of nature fused with a modern and minimalist feeling that allow us to combine local artisanship with modern and functional pieces, we emphasize quality, sourcing fine materials, commissioning unique pieces, and seeking out the most skilled craftsmen to create elegant, durable pieces that will stand the test of time.

We left the option open to build a second room or studio with a desert garden to extend the experience of the main loft and be more in contact with the surroundings. Immerse in the unique experience of the Baja peninsula the home-studio invites you to work and to live in harmony with the nature and the biodiversity of the region far and close enough to the vibrant nightlife of the city and far enough to have peaceful and creative days. This space is a unique experience because it allows you to have the best of two worlds, ocean and desert, work and live, peace and adventure. It was also a unique opportunity for the studio to put in practice years of knowledge and inspiration and pour it into a space we love and share.

Photography courtesy of Mar Studio

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- by Matt Watts