Casa La Loma by MX TAD

This contemporary three-story residence located in Puebla, Mexico, has been designed in 2020 by MX TAD.

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“Casa La Loma” emerges on a 226 m2 irregular lot inside a fast-growing residential development. The 430 m2 house was built on three different levels and conceived with the purpose to maximize awesome 360º views of Puebla’s natural landmarks.

The ground floor, with a fully closed facade, develops around a central terrace and a private side garden, while the upper levels frame the best views of the volcanoes and surroundings through their balconies and terraces.

The architectural program was designed in three levels with completely different uses. The ground floor is dedicated to family life, merging everything towards the central terrace and the garden. With the purpose of visually connecting every space, a wooden lattice was conceived to separate the semi-open kitchen from the living area. Likewise, the dining room and the living room take advantage of the double height and the large/wide windows, which in addition to being the main source of light during the day, frame all the views to the garden and the city. The sober atmosphere and the monochromatic range of grays enhance the materiality of the project, with stone and wood elements as the highlights of the project.

The first level holds the private areas and an open study that takes advantage of the amplitude and natural light generated by the wide windows. The main bedroom is separated from the rest of the floor by a wide corridor that crosses the double height to achieve greater privacy, while two more bedrooms on that level achieve their privacy through a steel lattice that closes the facade, while allowing good ventilation and light entry.

On the second level there is a space for entertainment and social chilling, designed to please the inhabitants and their visitors, complemented by a bar and a facade terrace overlooking the garden of the complex, as well as one with the volcanoes as a focal view. Finally, with two guest bedrooms on this level we complete the architectural programme requested.

The nature of the selected materials define a neutral palette in which the warmth and movement of the wood’s betas stand out in contrast to the wide range of grays and whites in the walls, floors, furniture and accessories.

Photography courtesy of MX TAD

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- by Matt Watts