Tribute to E. Sottsass by Studio Paradisiartificiali

Recently redesigned by Studio Paradisiartificiali, this inspiring apartment is situated in Milan, Italy.


We recently created a new project that originally arose from the client’s request to design a staircase to replace the existing spiral one, which was definitely impractical. When the work was already underway, by chance we came across the Wikipedia page dedicated to Memphis, and we discovered that the well-known movement was officially founded in Ettore Sottsass’s home on the evening of 11 December 1980. We immediately felt the desire to try to turn this discovery into something special. We had to try to interpret the space entrusted to us as a real celebration of this important anniversary: 40 years since the birth of Memphis! We thought that the best way to express our gratitude towards the Maestro was to pay homage to him with a dedication in which, as in a rebus, Space and Signs merge: thus was born “Tribute to E. Sottsass”.

Photography by Thomas Pagani

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- by Matt Watts

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