Oppo Store Guangzhou by Unstudio

Recently designed by Unstudio, this futuristic 606m2 Oppo Store Guangzhou is located at Zhengjia Plaza in the Tianhe district of Guangzhou, China.

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About Oppo Store Guangzhou

Introducing the OPPO Guangzhou Super Flagship Store

The 6,458 square feet (606m2) OPPO Guangzhou Super Flagship Store, featuring a 3,229 square feet (300m2) new facade, sits at Zhengjia Plaza in the Tianhe district of Guangzhou. OPPO aimed to create a design reflecting the brand’s philosophy and aligning with its existing ethos, offering customers a highly tailored total brand experience.

Creating an Iconic and Engaging Design

The design goal was to create an integral and recognizable part of OPPO’s overall branding that customers would want to engage with and return to. The newly designed Guangzhou store offers existing and new OPPO customers a venue to familiarize themselves with and get excited about OPPO’s products.

Design Concept: Urban Park

To develop a contextual design strategy respecting Guangzhou’s unique blend of historical and modern qualities while representing OPPO’s brand values, UNStudio introduced an “Urban Park” concept. This concept creates an inclusive environment meeting the behavioral needs of various visitors.

Interior Design: Borderless and Interactive

The store’s interior features a “borderless” interactive environment, guiding visitors through “display zones” with meandering routes that create different rhythms of motion and allow customers to browse, pause, and try out products.

The Facade: Modular Tube

For the Guangzhou OPPO flagship store, the focus was on craftsmanship and material choices that add a contemporary twist to the city’s vernacular architecture. The facade design needed a bold and recognizable visual identity, leading to the choice of a sliced extruded tube component inspired by bamboo, an important resource in ancient Guangzhou. This metallic tube also represents a 3D interpretation of the “O” in OPPO.

Overall Facade Composition and Lighting

The overall composition of the facade elements involved studying multiple geometric strategies. A large, sweeping folding gesture was chosen, echoing the corner curve of the OPPO brand logo and guiding visitors towards the store entrance. Programmable lighting embedded within each tube creates a dynamic and vibrant facade effect.

Interior Design: Fluid, Continuous Geometry

The interior design aimed to achieve a fluid space with uninterrupted movement, allowing customers to experience and interact with products intuitively. The interior space consists of two main experiential zones: PULSE and EVOLUTION, with winding circulation paths weaving visitors through these zones and targeted seating areas.

A Playful and Instagrammable Experience

The store offers customers a playful “instagrammable” experience zone, encouraging them to discover the features of OPPO phone cameras by taking photos and selfies.

Interior Materials and Lighting

Fluid forms accentuated with natural wood and a muted palette define the interior. Silver anodized aluminum panels juxtapose rippled translucent glass screens and an acrylic prism wall, creating a play on perception and a balance between solid and transparent, heavy and light, cold and warm. White terrazzo embedded with speckles of “Oppo green” create meandering paths, while integrated “pathways” of lighting in the ceiling frame different areas and displays from above, guiding visitors intuitively through the space.

Innovative Store Design for a Memorable Experience

The OPPO Guangzhou Super Flagship Store’s innovative design merges history and modernity, offering visitors a truly unique and memorable experience. By seamlessly integrating the Urban Park concept with fluid and continuous geometry, the store creates an inviting atmosphere that encourages interaction and exploration of OPPO’s products.

Conclusion: A New Standard for Flagship Stores

The new OPPO Guangzhou Super Flagship Store sets a new standard for flagship stores by incorporating a captivating design that reflects the brand’s philosophy and offers an engaging customer experience. With its iconic facade, interactive interior, and playful experience zones, the store encourages visitors to engage with and return to the OPPO brand, setting the stage for future flagship stores worldwide.

Photography by CreatAR Images

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- by Matt Watts