AutoCamp Yosemite by Anacapa

AutoCamp Yosemite located in Midpines, California, is a midcentury modern clubhouse for a boutique hotel company designed in 2019 by Anacapa.

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Surrounded by the iconic redwoods and firs of the Sierra Nevada mountains, this clubhouse for a boutique hotel company draws inspiration from the surrounding geology and material landscape. Providing an updated version of the midcentury modern design language, this clubhouse acts as a pavilion to provide a flexible indoor/outdoor space in which to connect to the surrounding environment. Accompanied by designed landscapes, including a custom fireplace and outdoor dining, this clubhouse is an intimate vehicle to explore the natural environment.

The 4,400 SF, two story clubhouse acts as the fulcrum around which this boutique hospitality company organised its modern camping experience. Clad in weathered steel, natural, rough sawn timber, and expansive glass, the clean, rectilinear planes of the clubhouse complement the surrounding landscape and set the tone for the polished rural retreat.

Prompted by a project brief challenging the designers to re-imagine a new vision for remote camping, the clubhouse is intended to flex to support numerous types of programmatic elements, as well as providing guests with direct connections to the Sierra Nevadan landscape. The material palette continued to bring the surrounding environs directly into its interior, mixing sophisticated contemporary lines with rough-hewn materials.

More programmed areas of the floorplan only act to reinforce the connection between guests and the environment. Large-scale, low-slung seating areas with fire pits are skillfully situated throughout the clubhouse, showcasing striking views of the natural surroundings and encouraging a communal experience that honors the spirit and tradition of camping.

Photography by Erin Feinblatt

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- by Matt Watts