Baltic Sea Coast Home by Open Ad – Architecture and Design

Located in Pāvilosta, Latvia, this modern prefab house has been designed in 2019 by Open Ad – Architecture and Design.


We couldn’t save the original building at this location. Instead, it served as inspiration for the new home. Guided by the principles of local building traditions, the house maintains a typical triangular shape, timber cladding, narrow front windows and a wood shingle roof. The timber cladding is Siberian larch which will take on a light grey hue to match the choppy Baltic sea and northern skies on a cloudy day. Grey has become the colour of the modern day Pavilosta – a coastal town with strict building regulations.

In consideration of the climate, the home is flooded with natural light through the tall, west-facing windows and skylights over the kitchen and living room area. Playful interior features are inspired by local ways. The living room lighting, for example, is designed to resemble clothes lines.

The home is a custom prefab. Building the frame off-site made for less disruption for nearby residents and the old garden with its orchard. Perennials and grasses are a new addition to accompany the apple trees.

A patio both unites and separates the home and the garden. The pergola divides the patio into two zones. A storage shed with an inbuilt nook for firewood sits at the back of the garden. The separate elements are united by one design code and shape one whole.

Underfloor heating and natural, foam-free insulation solutions ensure the home is liveable year-round.

At Open Ad we are committed to providing first class residential architectural services to all of our customers.

Photography by Alvis Rozenbergs

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- by Matt Watts

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