House 2G by Haro Architects

House 2G is a contemporary single-story residence located in Salzburg, Austria, designed in 2020 by Haro Architects.


The house is located in Morzg, in a densely urbanized area with single-family homes on the outskirts of Salzburg.
The building is defined by three key elements: natural stone facades, a horizontal plane of exposed concrete and three metal sheet truncated pyramids.

The closed and cryptic house, opens towards the interior garden and the double height spaces under the truncated pyramids. The visitor discovers the spatial qualities sequentially, with the initial sensation of compression at the entrance disappearing with the tangential view of the patio (semi-open by means of an exposed concrete lattice); or experiencing how the sunlight filters through the skylights from the three decks above, creating a show of lights and shadows in the double height spaces. Inside, colors, textures and natural materials such as walnut wood or velvet are combined creating an atmosphere of calm and seclusion that contrasts with the “hardness” of the outside shell.

Protected by a large overhang, the exterior porch unveils itself as an extension of the interior through large sliding doors, generating a secluded space in the open air where to enjoy the garden and the natural polished concrete pool.

In short, it has been the intention to make a timeless work reminiscent of “mid-century houses”, a discreet architecture as if it has always been there but with its own expressive and contemporary language.

Photography by Haro Architects

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- by Matt Watts

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