Hachi Lily House by Silaa

Tucked into a pomelo village, near the Vietnamese city of Hue, SILAA architects introduces secluded tranquil homestay Hachi Lily.

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Constructed with the use of reclaimed lumbers, and incorporating materials like stone, concrete, glass, and terracotta, the project takes shape as a small bungalow that offers privacy and serenity, away from the bustling city.

SILAA architects aimed to create a calming hideaway surrounded by lush vegetation, where the client’s family can enjoy a close bond with nature and look after the homestay as their own business. the project develops as a 115 sqm house, including a common area, two bedrooms, and two restrooms. the common area comprises the living & dining area, as well as the kitchenette that connects to a veranda facing the water lily pond in front of the dwelling. a small wooden bridge across the pond serves as the main access point for the building.

the composition integrates a serene inner garden, linked to an outdoor shower area which appears as a distinctive feature of the project. natural stone walls wrap around the bedrooms and restrooms, forming an earthy interior environment for the residents. meanwhile, the family’s library is housed on a timber mezzanine where a long rooftop skylight allows sunlight to brighten the room.

SILAA architects topped the house with a large sloping roof that provides shade and helps the building adapt to the tropical climate of the region, where harsh sunlight heavy rains prevail. the main frame of the house, as well as its walls and the majority of the furniture, are made with reclaimed timber collected from the structure of old buildings. the materiality of the project blends with the surrounding natural elements, resulting in a peaceful color palette.

Photography courtesy of Silaa

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- by Matt Watts