L-Waterside by Vio-Design

L-Waterside is a contemporary apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine, designed by Vio-Design.

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The apartment is located on one of the upper floors of a high-rise new building on the left bank of Kyiv, from the panoramic balcony you can enjoy an amazing view of the Dnipro river and the sights of the right bank. The interior of the room is made in a modern minimalist style, which is characterized by the absence of unnecessary items in the design and equipment.

The free layout of the main premises harmonizes with the spaciousness that opens from the balcony and apartment windows. The living room has no partitions and is not separated from the kitchen and the hallway, but a functional glass partition separates them from the balcony. Despite the openness of the layout, the living room is zoned and includes several zones, limited to each other both physically by furniture and visually with the help of massive lamps with a significant drop.

The large corner sofa outlines the TV area with its shape, giving it its own area in the spacious living room. The dining area is inserted between the kitchen area and the recreation area, which allows it to be used rationally. From each of the zones, be it the kitchen, dining room or sitting area, a huge TV is superbly watched.

The living room floor is made of porcelain stoneware imitating the noble Carrara marble, which emphasizes the color and texture of the wall panels. The kitchen panels, matching in color with the aquarium furniture trim panels, contrast with them in texture and material imitation. Wall panels in the kitchen, this is a laminated furniture board with an imitation of natural veneer, with all its appearance is designed to set off the light part of the kitchen furniture. Aquarium furniture cladding imitating marble not only creates the illusion of a reliable support for the ceiling, but also conceals the actual load-bearing concrete support.
In the design of the bedroom and children’s room, soft wall panels are used, they are not only interesting externally, but also functional. Warm colors in the bedrooms create coziness and comfort. The floors in these rooms are made of natural walnut parquet.

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- by Matt Watts