Coeur D’ Alene Residence by Nwankpa Design

Coeur D’ Alene Residence is a contemporary bachelor pad designed in 2020 by Nwankpa Design located in Los Angeles, California.


Our client’s 1920s beach bungalow needed a re-think to suit their 2020 needs and beyond. We uncovered the potential of the existing structure and created a contemporary bachelor pad that can become a family home in due course. The new interior architecture transformed the layout and experience of the house by enclosing a porch to extend the living area and opening the ceiling to the existing pitched roof. The interior design paired natural, handmade materials with a high contrast color palette to highlight new textures and emphasize the dramatic effect of reflected light throughout. Our overall vision transformed disparate spaces into a cohesive, welcoming home for our client.

Photography courtesy of Nwankpa Design

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- by Matt Watts

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