House in Nowa Gorka by Studio Gab

House in Nowa Gorka, Poland, is an inspiring single story house designed in 2016 by Studio Gab.

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House is located in extraordinary place. Big, folded plot is surrounded with woods in protected area Natura 2000. Realization is an attempt to deal with archetypical form of pitched roof house with strong and beautiful context.


House and garage are located in central part of the plot. Layout of two perpendicularly located buildings is a reference to typical rural development. House is located in such a way to provide the best sun exposure. House dimension is 27.2m x 6.2m and a height 5.4m. Symmetrical layout reflects life style of Clients.


The owners of this house is a mature marriage whose four children have just moved out of an old, large family home. In order to avoid architectural obstacles, we decided to have a one-storey layout without any thresholds or stairs. The new home was supposed to be as small and compact as possible, making it energy efficient and economical.

The symmetrical layout of the bedroom allows to separate the guest part from the private one, creating a central living room. Concrete, open on two sides fireplace plays the role of the heart of the home, bringing together the life of the household members.

Inside- out relation

Due to the unique surrounding, our goal was to maximally open central part of home. Two large sliding windows makes it possible to make the garden an additional living space of the house. Two terraces, one always sunny, the other shady give comfort at all time of the year. Sliding shutters provide a sense of intimacy. In summer, opened windows and closed shutters, create a nice shaded space that is naturally ventilated by the space between the wooden posts. All the windows in the house were carefully arranged so that the view from them was as magnificent as possible. The wooden internal window frames additionally crop the image. Window sills at the seat height serve as benches.


Natural colurs of the environment: intense greenery of the forest, blue sky, grain’s yellow and plowed fields’ brown, would be the starting point for the selection of suitable materials. Natural, soft and warm materials proved to be the only right way. The house tries not to compete with the environment, only to draw out its most important features and to establish dialogue with the context.
Elevations of buildings are made of vertically arranged pine boards. Wood, with its fading time, is becoming more and more noble. The roof is covered with a ceramic red tile, laid out in a classic way. All flashings, doors and windows have elegant shades of gray. Budget
The house from the early concept was designed with full awareness of a specific budget. At each stage, cost estimation was conducted. This approach enabled us to join forces with investors to negotiate prices from suppliers and to control performance. This has helped to avoid so-called concessions and to realize our assumptions almost completely. Creating a project based on the dialogue between Architects, Investors and Contractors has resulted in the success of which is undoubtedly the satisfaction of all parties with the final result. Ecology

The house is designed to meet passive housing standards in the energy standard NF 40. Finally, it is very energy-efficient and cheap to maintain. In addition, the materials used in the building were made from local suppliers.

Photography courtesy of Studio Gab

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- by Matt Watts