A View from a Height — Life in a Penthouse

Buying your own home is one of the most difficult issues. Those people who want to look at the city from a bird’s-eye view and admire the most beautiful view, definitely choose a penthouse.

A penthouse is a modern luxury apartment that is located on the entire top floor of a certain building. No neighbors above, no neighbors nearby, and above your head — only the sky. Living in such conditions is comfortable and cozy. The penthouse is one of the best options for those who would like to live in a spacious room with lots of light and windows. The owner of such apartments creates a special climate and atmosphere for himself without leaving the city.

How much does a penthouse cost? Who can afford to live in it?

Renting or buying a penthouse suite is a real luxury that not everyone can afford. Owning such apartments is an indicator of a certain status, prestige, belonging to the elite, and their financial capabilities because the real price of such housing is very high. And the subsequent maintenance and service is often much more expensive. However, despite its by no means the most low cost, such housing almost always finds its buyer and is in great demand. Penthouse suites in NYC are particularly popular.

Penthouse features

One of the main features of such housing is its location. It is located on the top floor of a skyscraper.

The next point should be noted the area, which, most often, has 300 sq. m and more. It is due to the large area and spaciousness that the atmosphere of luxury is felt in the apartment.

Still, a penthouse is an elite real estate, so everything should show the status of housing and the financial capabilities of the owner. Panoramic windows and open areas with recreation areas or barbecue areas can be installed here: patio repair in Cape Coral.

An important fact is that the classic penthouses have an individual lift.

Advantages and disadvantages

The following advantages can be highlighted:

1. Large living area of the apartment;
2. Lack of neighbors. This accommodation is for one family or one person;
3. A unique opportunity to stay in the fresh air without leaving home;
4. Convenient location in the city. Usually it is located in the center, so you can get to the office in just a few minutes;
5. The presence of a private terrace;
6. High ceilings;
7. Panoramic view from the window, which offers a unique view of the entire city.

As it turned out, there are fewer disadvantages than advantages:

1. High cost;
2. Expensive service. It is also not cheap to maintain such an area, repair it on time, and update it.

Key features in the interior of penthouses

The luxuriously decorated apartment gives confidence to its owner. Therefore, in order to emphasize your individuality, an important role is assigned to the design of housing. Modern design is the work of professionals, so most penthouses look stylish, luxurious, presentable.

The native style for penthouses is the loft. A lot of space, a lot of light, an abundance of glass and other natural materials – all this is characteristic of the loft and fits perfectly into the philosophy of penthouses. Massive furniture, interior doors and panoramic windows will
make the housing elegant and weighty.

Since there is a lot of space in the penthouse, it can accommodate not only living rooms, but also other rooms — a large kitchen, several bathrooms, a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool, a winter or summer garden, a large storage room, and so on.

By choosing a penthouse, you create absolutely new modern conditions for living in a comfortable and prestigious place.

- by Matt Watts