Top Free Floor Plan Software for 2021

For many homeowners, there are plenty of updates and upgrades that you’ll likely do over time. The benefits of updating your home can be for financial reasons such as adding value to the home or simply refreshing a space that has become outdated.

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With that being said, a home renovation project of any size can be a process that is important to get right. A good amount of organization can help everything go smoothly and without too many hitches. Floor planners can be great to help with the design process so with that being said, this article will look at the benefits of floor planners and the best ones available online.

The benefits of free floor plan creators

A free floor plan creator can help shape the ideas you have in your head for the finished project. Without visuals before the work starts, it could end up turning into something that’s not quite what you had in mind.

The average kitchen cost, for example, is around $14,000. This is a lot of money to most and so it’s essential to get it right the first time. Some of the other benefits that can come from free floor plan creators are:

– Ideal for collaborative projects.
– Keeps all those involved on the same page.
– Helps spot problem areas or issues with layout.
– Saves money and time.

Having free floor plan creators available can be helpful to anyone who is turning their attention to a home renovation project this year. Here are some of the best free floor plan software for 2021.


To kick off this list, Foyr is a recommended floor plan software that is used by many of those both in the professional domain and the domestic. As a tool, it’s a versatile software that can be used by anyone and everyone, regardless of what design or technical experience you have.

As far as interior design softwares go, this is one that has pretty much everything you’d want and need when reinventing a space. As a user, you can choose from a range of templates that have been pre-made to cater to basic room layouts. Alternatively, you can create a design from scratch.

Foyr allows you to convert those 2D plans you may already have, into 3D visuals where you can walk through the space. Like so many of these free floor plan softwares, as the user, you’ve got the ability to explore your design from different angles or perspectives.

By creating floor plans with very little effort, it’s become a popular choice for those both using it for professional and non-professional purposes. The software also enables you to choose from a variety of different interior elements to create a finished design that will hopefully be an accurate version of the real thing.

As far as costs go for Foyr, they offer a free 14-day trial in which you can try out everything the tool has to offer before deciding on a premium version. This might be enough time to get exactly what you need for your particular project.


Not all projects require you to draft up a 3D visual of the project. Instead, you might need software that can create diagrams for the purpose of estate agents to sell property. You might be an architect, looking to make the blueprints of a project for a client.

With SmartDraw, it’s all about getting the bare bones of a floor plan design and that can be enough for many of the users that come across it. The application itself is very robust in it’s operation and can create visuals that are intricate and detailed in their creation.

A benefit that comes from using SmartDraw is that it can be used from any web browser or device whether that’s Windows, Mac or any other tablet devices. It makes it a versatile tool for those who may be designing on-the-go or remotely. For those working in design, remote working is pretty standard for the job, so this can be a handy piece of software to have readily available.

The software features over 4,500 diagram templates to choose from, which can be helpful to have where knowledge of design is limited. It also has many other advantageous features such as file sharing and collaboration with those involved in the process.

As well as the pre-made templates, there are also over 34,000 different architectural design symbols that can provide all of the necessary elements you need when creating this type of floor plan online.

With SmartDraw, you can try it out for free in order to get a feel for the software but for just a few dollars a month, you’re able to get full access.


There’s really nothing better than seeing a design in 3D. It can bring an idea to life and allows you to make any necessary modifications to avoid disappointment.

With SketchUp, it’s been created to streamline designing in 3D when doing so online. With a variety of drafting and modeling features, it’s one that is used across many different industries, not just in the average home but industries like film and civil engineering.

SketchUp has been made easy to use so that those from all different walks of life will be able to make use of the software without needing much assistance to begin with. The basic version is what makes this software so appealing because it has pretty much all you’d need to create 3D floor plans.

As a web-based application, the tool has many features that include a 3D models library where there is a large selection of objects that can help provide precise detail to any project in mind. With accessibility at the forefront of this application, as a user, you’re able to collaborate, access and store any designs wherever you are and whenever you like.

Simplicity is important when it comes to software such as floor plan creators and this one is certainly helpful in providing solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes.

Sweet Home 3D

As a free interior design software, Sweet Home 3D is built to inspire both architects and interior designs to help create floor plans successfully. From designing rooms from scratch to arranging the furniture to the fit and functionality of the space.

The opportunities are endless with this one, whether you’re tweaking the thickness of the walls to the colors used for floors or ceilings.

There’s no need to break a sweat by shifting furniture around the room to find the best configuration. With Sweet Home 3D, you can do all this via the software. Simply choose what you want and get it placed exactly where you’ve referenced it to go on the plans.

The floor plan software can also be annotated, as well as providing versatility in lighting effects to create photorealistic imagery. This solution is free, regardless of whether you intend to use it for commercial or personal use.

It feels criminal to be able to get software like this for free, but it’s here for the taking. It’s also a software that runs on most devices including Mac, Windows and Linux. The online version available will also work on any browser that you have, making it even more accessible.

With over 27 languages available, Sweet Home 3D is a tool that translates successfully to many that use it.


Another one for floor plan designs is Roomle. It’s an interactive floor design tool that helps provide the user with all the features needed to create stunning visuals. It’s a great one for those working on a professional basis particularly. The ability to share the design with prospective clients is one that’s highly appreciated.

A more unique and special feature of the Roomle is it’s virtual reality functionality. The VR uses innovative technology to deliver the very best in interactive experiences, which includes virtual walkthroughs. Such a feature can help inspire more creativity but also an opportunity to see the vision without having to lift a hammer or paint brush.

Some notable features worth mentioning include:

– Modular configuration in 3D.
– Price calculations and order data.
– Multi-device and online channel capabilities.
– Integration into Ecommerce platforms.

The product demo is worth trying out, particularly those who require it from a business perspective. It’s a worldwide, leading solution for those looking to create realistic, 3D designs from scratch.

The application is one that you’re able to share with others so whether that’s family, friends or work colleagues, it makes it easier to collaborate. The software is next level when it comes to interior design and floor planning, so it’s certainly worth making use of the free version.

With these free floor plan softwares, there’s really no excuse to create home interiors or professional designs, without some form of visual. Take advantage of any software that’s been mentioned above, especially as it’s free for the most part!

- by Matt Watts