CDS by Atelierzero

CDS is a contemporary apartment redesigned in 2021 by Atelierzero, located in Milan, Italy.

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The project involves the renovation of an apartment located in a typical Milanese “ringhiera” house. Reorganizing the functions in a more organic way, the lower floor becomes mainly a service area (bathroom, laundry/guest room) while the main functions are moved to the attic floor. It is part of the design process also the creation of a terrace overlooking the beautiful courtyard, a moment of opening and contact with the outside that floods the new kitchen with natural light.

The project becomes an opportunity to bring order to the physical space but also to the mental one: the design of the space was accompanied by a long process of decluttering and selection of many objects, furniture, paintings, and lamps that crowded the house more by habit than by choice. If it is true that a house contains the most intimate aspects of people and their memories, a renovation project becomes a fundamental moment to understand what you want to keep when you are about to live in a new space.

Classic materials such as Vienna straw, terrazzo, marble and parquet, form an abacus of lived-in and comforting sensations and have been used as a basis for reinterpreting them in a contemporary way.

Photography by Sara Magni

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- by Matt Watts