Simple Outdoor Design Ideas for Your Backyard

The luxury of having a backyard is not something everyone has access to, especially in big cities. If you are fortunate enough to have a small plot of land at the back of your house then do not take it for granted.

With a few simple ideas, you can easily transform your outdoor living space from a mundane backyard to a private oasis where you can retreat, unwind and even entertain guests. In this article, we’ll inspire you with some simple ideas which can give your backyard a much-needed makeover.

Spruce up Your Patio

Patios can easily be overlooked when priority is given to flowers, plants, and the lawn. Revitalize your patio by giving it a regular clean, keeping surfaces bright and well-maintained throughout the year. Add a pop of color with an outdoor rug and add decorative ornaments such as lanterns or statues.

If your patio could do with some shade during the day consider adding a pergola over it to create a canopy that will offer protection from the sun. Professional patio cover installation such as City Seamless Patio Covers can offer advice on the various options

Create an Ambience

Introducing the natural elements into your garden can create an inviting ambiance to your backyard. Consider incorporating the following:

– Water: Adding a water feature such as a babbling brook or a fountain can give a heightened sensory appeal to your backyard. The soothing sounds of running water in the background can enhance your sense of relaxation helping you and your guests to relax and unwind. This would be the perfect addition to an outdoor space that is designed to be a sanctuary of retreat.

– Fire: A fire pit or heated lamps can be a welcome feature in the cooler evenings as winter draws close. The luxury of warmth and soft light emitted by the glow of the fire also offer a stylish accompaniment for nights where you plan to entertain guests.

– Light: Lighting is one of the most powerful and effective ways to transform your backyard and create an ambiance. An intimate and magical feeling can be created by interspersing scented candles and lanterns around any pathways or decking and string lights draped across your large pergola or surrounding trees can add visual appeal as well as a starlit-night quality to summer evenings.

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Plant Flowers

Flowers are a natural way to enliven your backyard and bring to it a touch of beauty and color. Along with an assortment of flower pots, consider planting a combination of annuals and perennials that will give your garden a display of life each year as they burst into full bloom. For larger flower planters, outdoor PVC planters are a great way to keep your plants from becoming root bound and provide an easy-to-maintain growing space. With a mix of different sized planters, you can create a unique look for your garden and ensure that it always has plenty of colorful blooms.

Al Fresco Dining

An outdoor dining space can easily be created by adding a table and some comfortable garden chairs. You could purchase a garden furniture set or improvise by making your own. Think of creative ways to make a dining table such as a large plank of wood with tree stumps as stools that can be softened with cushions. Alternatively, an old dining table can be transformed for outdoor use by treating the wood and applying the correct varnish.

With this creative backyard inspiration, your outdoor space will be reinvigorated and ready for your guests in no time.

- by Matt Watts