Casa FEE by A2R2

Casa FEE is a modern apartment in Rome, Italy, designed by A2R2 for a young couple in 2020.

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“Rather than constrain the functions of a building into a general form, adapting the external form to the pleasure of the eye or association, without reference to internal distribution, we begin at the core and work outward” Horatio Greenough.

Just as in Wright the fireplace is a symbolic domestic element around which the family gathers and the house develops; an art installation on the “7 Fundamental Arts” becomes the fulcrum and “the seed that sprouts.”

The fulcrum that gives life to the dichotomy of the house, creating a furrow between the “ancient” house and the “modern” house, represented by a clear cut of materials and finishes, creating the vision of two opposing images: the house of the past and the house of the present time.

As in Herzog and De Meuron’s “House for a Collector” in Therwil, a “Romantic House for the Future” is born.

A house designed for a young couple of artists and their little girl: a renovation with continuous references to the world of cinema and the arts; from the study of color based on the film “Marie Antoinette” by Sofia Coppola to the Art Deco references of “The Great Gatsby” by Baz Luhrmann.

Photography courtesy of A2R2

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- by Matt Watts