Apartment 301 by Shroffleón

Apartment 301 is an art deco apartment located in Mumbai, India, designed in 2020 by Shroffleón.

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The 3 bedroom apartment, home to a lawyer couple and their 2 young sons, is located in one of the many high rises in Parel, offering impressive views of the city, along with the Salt Pans and Mangroves that lay beyond. The apartment, initially a 4 bedroom home, was altered as per the client’s requirements into a 3 bedroom home complete with a family room and study room.

The clients, avid fans of the art deco movement, wished for their new home to be a reflection of the same. Several geometries, materials, and elements reminiscent of the art deco aesthetics are therefore incorporated into the design of the home. While a series of arcs and arc motifs adorn the ceiling of the home, a blend of circular forms with straight lines is dominant throughout the house. Materials inspired by the art deco aesthetic of stucco, concrete, and smooth-faced stone are seen throughout the house, in the form of grey textured walls and marble among others.

Cementitious grey walls, complete with a black stone niche, envelop the primary living space of the house. The feature element of the space, however, is a remarkable copper patina textured wall, custom-designed for the space in collaboration with Asian paints that forms the backdrop of the living room. The copper patina wall seamlessly continues into the study room, tying the spaces together. A minimal Georgian glass partition separates the two spaces while maintaining a visual connection. A rough-painted metal arched corridor, one of the many eccentric features of the home, connects the living room to the master bedroom and family room.

The master bedroom is designed to extend into the family room, creating one large space. The half arc form of the doorway, that separates the two spaces, is seen once again in the large marble bed back that frames the master bedroom. The circular form of the bed back is juxtaposed with the triangular pattern of the marble within to create a unique geometry. The white marble stands out against the dark grey and blue walls of the room. In the family room, an elaborate marble shelving unit takes centerstage. The shelving unit is designed as a combination of 3 marbles; the Statuario Marble, the Red Lavante Marble, and the Statuario Rosso Marble, with the Red Lavante Marble adding a vibrant dash of color to the room.

The children’s bedrooms see the traditional icon of a home being used as the central design geometry, with the form strategically placed to create distinctive bed backs for each of the rooms. To cater to their fondness for reading, a reading nook has been mindfully integrated into both the rooms; once in the form of large circular seating space, and then again in the form of a snug space nestled above the bed. The children’s bedrooms are designed to reflect the childlike playful nature of the boys, and despite the use of similar geometries and materials, each of the rooms is designed with a unique aesthetic and characteristic.

The home is dotted with furniture from luxury brands including Roche Bobois, House of Baro, and The Charcoal Project, carefully handpicked to reflect the aesthetics of the art deco movement. The unconventional color palette along with the distinctive geometries found throughout the house, give the home a rather quirky and eclectic look, admirably reflecting the personality of the homeowners.

Photography courtesy of Shroffleón

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- by Matt Watts