Beautiful Romantic Flower Arrangements to Decorate Your Home

Floral arrangements are a versatile way to decorate your home and add a touch of romance and elegance. Choosing the right flowers, however, can be a challenge — especially to those who haven’t decorated with flowers in the past.

If you’re hoping to benefit from the versatility, beauty, and mood-boosting effects of floral decor, you’re in luck. Here are some of the most beautiful, romantic flower arrangements for your home.

Elegant Roses

Roses are considered one of the most romantic flowers and are often highlighted as the bloom of choice in Hollywood for a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement. As such, you can’t go wrong with an arrangement of elegant roses as a romantic decor piece in your home.

When it comes to floral symbolism, the color is as meaningful as the bloom itself. If romance is the goal, choose a deep red or pink rose. Alternatively, opt for white roses for a luxe, tasteful design scheme. These roses will look amazing as a centerpiece on a dining table, or in an entryway.

Stunning Lilies

Lilies are another fan-favorite for romantic occasions and weddings. These lovely blooms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for versatile displays using lilies alone. Take a traditional approach with Asiatic lilies, which are known for their long lifespan after cutting. Conversely, you could display calla lilies for an air of refinement.

If you prefer living plants to cut arrangements, you could go with peace lilies instead. Peace lilies are long-lasting potted plants that are easy to care for and beautiful to behold. Pet owners should keep in mind that lilies are highly toxic to dogs and cats. If you have a pet-friendly home, consider using another flower on this list or setting your arrangements out of harm’s way.

Eye-Catching Orchids

Like peace lilies, orchids are a rare potted floral that you can use as a decor piece year-round. Its long stalk and delicate petals are the epitome of romance without being overstated. These simple flowers look great in a sunny office window or prominent display in a kitchen or living room.

Orchids are also versatile options, with more than 20 varieties available to be used as indoor potted plants. This selection is another excellent floral decor option for those who prefer potted flowers to cut.

Aromatic Lavender

Lavender has long been used in aromatherapy for its mood-boosting benefits. This beautiful bloom has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, making it both lovely to look at and functional. Giving a bouquet of lavender to someone is romantic in showing that you care about them and their well-being.

Use this bloom to decorate relaxing areas, like the bathroom and bedroom. Keep your cut flowers for longer by drying the petals and creating dried floral arrangements or potpourri. Boost your lavender arrangements with some greenery; eucalyptus is an attractive option for accent greenery and also has complementary aromatherapeutic benefits.

Colorful Tropical Displays

Romance means something different to everyone. While some people prefer the more traditional blooms, like roses and lilies, some gravitate toward more tropical flower arrangements. These brilliant blooms often act as a reminder of one’s honeymoon or a tropical excursion. Many florists offer a variety of tropical blooms in stunning arrangements all year round.

Some of the best tropical flowers for indoor displays include:

– Birds of paradise
– Scarlet milkweed
– Brugmansia
– Bromeliads
– Begonias
– Gardenias
– Flowering ginger
– Cordyline

There are also various accent greens and blooms that make an impactful statement with a tropical bouquet, such as loofah, okra, and masajeana. While these flowers aren’t conventionally romantic, you’ll love the feeling of being whisked away to a tropical oasis.

Rustic Wildflowers

Wildflowers are romantic in their simplicity. These rustic bouquets invoke the feeling of lovers meeting in a field, collecting flowers along the way. These blooms are often fragrant, delicate, and affordable, making them an accessible option for budget-conscious decorators.

Some of the best wildflowers for a cut arrangement include:

– Hydrangea
– Daisies
– Sunflowers
– Baby’s Breath
– Lilac
– Violets
– Cosmos
– Lupins
– Sweetpeas

Put these flowers together with ornamental grasses or berries for an organic, earthy arrangement. Play into the theme by arranging them in a vintage bucket or watering can or affixing them with raffia, twine, or lace.

Utopian Tulips

When considering romantic flowers, tulips are often overlooked. However, if you step back into history and venture into Victorian London society, tulips were the most romantic flower of all. At that time, everyone could grow roses, from royalty to country peasants. Tulips, however, had to be imported from Holland and came at a substantial cost. As such, these pretty flowers were considered both a status symbol and an elaborate romantic gesture during courting.

Now, tulips are much easier to attain and come in a variety of colors that pay homage to the iconic utopia from which they were traditionally harvested. Stick with shades of pink and purple to convey romance or replicate the colors of a beautiful sunset by adding yellows, oranges, and corals.

Classic Carnations

Carnations can be a polarizing bloom, with many finding them perfectly lovely while others prefer something more elegant. However, carnations are a classic symbol of romance and feminine beauty. These flowers date back to ancient Greece and Rome and are even mentioned in the bible. The symbolism behind these enduring blooms indicates love, fascination, and devotion.

While carnations were once only available in shades of pink and white, you can now get these petals in various colors — both natural and unnatural. Carnations are one of the best blooms for dyeing, making it a fun choice for creating custom arrangements.

Fabulous Freesias

Freesias are often overlooked as romantic flowers, but they look and smell fabulous both as an accent flower and in a standalone bouquet. With blooms shaped like bells, these flowers are known for their fresh, citrusy scent.

These soothing blooms are the traditional flower for 7th wedding anniversaries and are most fragrant in romantic shades of red and pink.

You can’t go wrong with any of these romantic flowers in your home decor. Try them all throughout the year, or use a flower delivery subscription to get a fun monthly surprise.

- by Matt Watts