Duplex AO by Studio Madouh

Duplex AO is a micro-living concept located in Nuzha, Kuwait, designed in 2021 by Studio Madouh.

Duplex AO by Studio Madouh - 1
Duplex AO by Studio Madouh - 2
Duplex AO by Studio Madouh - 3
Duplex AO by Studio Madouh - 4
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The record-breaking micro-living concept of DUPLEX AO, which was constructed on a challenging slim plot that is only 3 meters in width, was designed as a prototype to fill cavities between buildings in the Middle Eastern region, specifically Kuwait, to attentively turn setbacks from wasted spaces into utilized places.

The aim of DAO is to have it provide the required needs to serve a single resident at the start, eventually evolving to serve a family of 4. As an economically restrictive development with a limited built-up area and extremely tight space, this compact unit came to fruition to give solutions to multiple important questions concerning space efficiency, cost, and time effectiveness, as well as energy-saving concerns.

On the immediate offset separated with a hallway west of an existing old family house, the project privately slices its self through and rests carefully replacing what used to be a 3X10 meters unused storage to a residence that consists of two floors which accommodates a reception, a kitchen, a gym space convertible to an en-suite bedroom, an upstairs sky lit office followed by a master bedroom with a closet area, vanity, and a full bathroom as well as a balcony highlighted with greenery and a back light luscious vertical green wall.

Despite the difficult dimensions, law restrictions, and low economical resources, DAO has successfully triggered unexpected spatial values that provoke rather new forms of sustainable micro-living combined with economically viable and energy-efficient green solutions which immediately helped in raising awareness in the region

Photography courtesy of Studio Madouh

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- by Matt Watts