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Pinwheel: Jacopo Mascheroni’s Prefab Masterpiece

Pinwheel: Jacopo Mascheroni’s Prefab Masterpiece

Unveiling the Pinwheel: a masterpiece of prefab design, brought to life in the picturesque hills of Luino, Italy. In just six months, designer Jacopo Mascheroni has curated a custom, one-story wood house that harmonizes effortlessly with the breathtaking surrounds of Lake Maggiore.

Harnessing the principles of futuristic architecture, Pinwheel is an ode to efficient design, blending seamlessly into the verdant oak forests that mark the region’s Swiss border.

RO54: Arshia Architects’ Futuristic Vision for Bel Air Real Estate

FeaturedRO54: Arshia Architects’ Futuristic Vision for Bel Air Real Estate

In the heart of Bel Air, Los Angeles, a remarkable new two-story house design has surfaced, aptly named RO54 by its creators, Arshia Architects. Boasting a futuristic yet contemporary design style, RO54 sits proudly on a hilltop, offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Los Angeles basin. The design captures the essence of the evolving neighborhood, addressing both aesthetics and functionality, while reducing the building mass to integrate seamlessly within its surroundings.

RO54 house breaks away from traditional compartmentalized housing models. It harnesses the potential of split-level design, weaving the topography of the hill into the layout of the house, and achieving a perfect blend of visual and functional adjacencies. Innovative features like a courtyard rainwater runoff filtration system, adherence to California’s stringent green building standards, and a low-impact, natural interior palette affirm RO54 as a stellar example of environmentally sensitive and responsible design.