Casa MV by TIXA

Casa MV is a small traditional house located in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, designed in 2022 by Tixa.

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This rural building is immersed in the unspoiled green hills of the northern territory of Bassano del Grappa (VI).

The dialogue that the structure establishes with its surroundings makes it its strong point; greenery surrounds the rural house overlooking the San Michele valley and the hills of Marostica, almost imposing the view towards the southwest side of the hill.

The entire project aims to enhance the naturalness, both of the context and of the building itself. To this end, materials and finishes have been left unfinished, aspiring to mitigate human intervention in such a pure place.

Pursuing the thread of the project, the exterior walls are in exposed stone or plaster with natural paste coloring, while the glazed window frames are in raw steel. Celadon green-tinted shutters stand out against the light-colored walls while remaining true to a muted palette.

Peace and tranquility are the words that best describe this retreat, a marriage of architecture and nature.

The main structure houses the rooms of daily life and they are located in the portion of the house located to the southwest, from which the view can be most appreciated. Then there are two rooms deliberately detached from the heart of the house, as if to avoid contact with the “secular” life of the main body. These are the studio, located in an elevated area of the building, where visual contact with the surrounding spaces is limited, and the sculpture workshop, which also lacks windows to the garden.

The dwelling consists of clean interiors and natural light for “sanctuary” living. Raw white plaster walls and gray terrazzo floors provide a backdrop for the living area, and large windows allow constant communication with the outdoors.

In addition to the architecture, the sophistication of the design is expressed in a contemporary key through elements that recall the rural aspect of the context.

Photography courtesy of Tixa

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- by Matt Watts