Casa Zuba by ZDA

Casa Zuba is a contemporary apartment located in Orzinuovi, Italy, designed in 2022 by ZDA.

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Geometries, symmetries, slender spaces. Code name: Zuba house. The intervention is characterized by the choice of natural oak flooring – with a long and narrow plank, just to give dynamism to the spaces – in dialogue with the floor made instead of architectural concrete, in the bathrooms, in the walls and in the shower tray. The latter is an avant-garde material with great potential, which makes it possible to avoid joints and give further stylistic continuity to the spaces: the result is harmonious, sinuous and long. The same architectural concrete is introduced in continuity in the entrance-kitchen area, where the 45° line of the kitchen island evokes an arabesque game that characterizes all the boiserie of the living area. Which in turn includes cupboards, bookcase compartment, “hidden” door (leading to the service bathroom on the ground floor) and TV compartment. The furniture is entirely made to measure, so that it can be used at full height and customized inside. Again: the “c”-shaped kitchen block with recessed doors – once closed it looks like a cupboard – and island is integrated in the living area joining with the dining table; the sofa placed in the middle of the room completes the living area. Particular attention is also paid to the lighting, consisting of a combination of technical and decorative lights. Completely covered in architectural concrete, the staircase is the link between the living area and the sleeping area, dividing the two spaces. On the first floor, the distributive corridor stands out for its minimal atmosphere, with flush doors made to measure, and the lighting with round spotlights, coupled large and small along the entire length. Always inside the corridor there is a laundry room; two double bedrooms and two bathrooms define the spaces. The master bedroom, has a bathroom inside, separated by three steps and with the shower in sight on the bed; inside the room a boiserie also separates the space dedicated to the walk-in closet and in the juncture is composed of two parts in mirror, to increase the perception of space, and two lacquered doors, a fixed and a swing door that introduces in the room.

Photography courtesy of ZDA

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- by Matt Watts