Morada Apartment by Leonardo Tulli

Morada Apartment is a contemporary home located in Curitiba, Brazil, redesigned in 2021 by Leonardo Tulli.

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The Morada Apartment was remodeled with the intention of exploring potential and sophistication. Elegance goes hand in hand with coziness and comfort, without losing the clients’ identity and valuing natural Brazilian materials.

Upon entering, one is confronted with a Paraná marble table. Installed inside a wooden cube structure: a covered niche that dialogues aesthetically with the table, having a buffet function, making it a showy and functional addition.

The dining room has a leather sofa, fabric armchairs (with wooden structure) and a neutral rug, bringing a relaxing atmosphere. There is a beautiful white panel with wooded edges and a cabinet for storage and divider with the TV room. Both have porcelain tile floors slightly grayish.

In the kitchen, table, shelves and a panel with TV have lighter color palette, giving an air of cleanliness and tidiness. The panels covered with marble transmit elegance and sophistication to the environment. In the laundry room, a high cabinet was placed in a slatted panel that hides the heater, leaving the composition up to the furniture and the coatings.

In the TV room, the ceiling and the wooden floor “embrace” this room. Walls in burnt cement and white furniture bring a relaxing atmosphere. The TV furniture has an extension aligned with one of the access steps, giving continuity and softness. Nature was the focus with the use of pictures and potted plants – the entry of natural light from the balcony brings life. To bring a feeling of comfort, textures and fabrics were used – leather sofa, covered with cushions and blankets and checkered carpet with cream tones. On the balcony an element that is a trademark of Tulli Studio can be identified: cachepots. The structure was made of wood and filled with flowers and plants, the vertical garden brings a great energy.

The Home-Office, made with focus on functionality, brings elements that speak for themselves: misaligned cabinets give a stripped-down look to the decoration, and the sofa bed for relaxing and receiving guests concludes the environment.

The bedroom 1 brings a harmonious environment: discreet hanging lamp and a bedside table complement each other and the panel that the TV is supported by has furniture with elegance, colors and materials that talk to the vinyl floor making it beautiful and functional. Bedroom 2 is an environment designed with a focus on being functional and practical. With a more objective and punctual decoration, it looks a lot like a hotel room.

The suite is an environment where lines and textures meet elegantly, without losing warmth. The tones of the floor harmonize with the leather headboard and the slatted panel. In the bathroom, earthy and almost coppery tones give sophistication to the white vanity unit, contrasting with the dark stone shower stall and the light frame that continues the lining.

Finally, the toilet has elegant marble coatings on the walls and the suspended basin that has a refined and pleasant look, bringing prominence and values that are seen in all aspects of this project from Apartamento Morada.

Photography courtesy of Leonardo Tulli

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- by Matt Watts