Prashanti Villa by Vastu Villa Studio

Villa Prashanti in Bali, Indonesia is a beautiful combination of tropical Balinese style, minimalism and modernism. The project was completed in 2022 by Vastu Villa Studio.

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Modern villa with roof garden and infinity pool

Prashanti Villa is a country house in the mountainous part of the touristy Chaweng area of Koh Samui. Its concept blurs the boundaries between living space and flora: the garden can be accessed directly from the bedroom, while the living room flows smoothly into the poolarea and terrace surrounded by plants. This is a calm and cozy space for a young family who appreciates silence and unity with nature, with a predominance of elements made of wood, natural stone and bamboo. The combination of minimalism, modern and Balinese styles makes the villa stylish and aesthetic, while the dark rich colors in the interior and the abundance of plants make it unique and distinctive.

Prashanti Villa is located in the mountains near the popular Chaweng area of Koh Samui.

This is a peaceful place in the thick of the jungle, surrounded by the territory of the national park, which overlooks the sea. Nearby is a small complex of high-class Luxury villas – that is also our project.

The area of the whole territory is 1600m², 600-800m² of which is occupied by the garden.

Built-up area with terrace, parking and swimming pool – 600-650m², and the residential part, consisting of three bedrooms and three bathrooms, kitchen, living room and guest toilet – 230m².

We cooperate with a construction company and often sell already completed projects, but this villa is our custom order from a young family who decided to move to Thailand. They work online and spend a lot of time at home, they are fond of oriental practices and reading, so we were faced with the task of creating a calm and quiet space with a work area and a library. Also, the customers wanted to feel unity with nature, so the territory has a large garden for walking, a terrace with woven greenery on the roof and flowers going down, and a bamboo wall in the bathroom.

Prashanti Villa is a blend of tropical Balinese style, minimalism and contemporary.

Our projects are characterized by an abundance of light colors, but here we worked in the color style of our customers and created a villa just for them. We used a lot of dark saturated wood, as well as clients favorite colors – black and dark gray. Everything else is in our style.

In this villa, every detail has been thought out for a comfortable life: the width of the passage between the bed and the doors, the placement of light sources, the arrangement of armchairs and bedside tables, in which direction the door opens, etc.

The garden bedroom got its name because it leads to the garden: it is located on the minus ground floor next to the parking lot. At the request of the customers, there are many wooden elements in this room: wooden shelves, the base and the lining of the bed. There is also a library with a reading area in the garden bedroom.

In the master bedroom, the bed is made of wood tiles covered with vinyl. Bamboo spotlights hang above the bed, and there is a small dressing room with a cosmetic table and a mirror in the corner.

The third bedroom, made in black, is a childrens one. In their absence, the customers plan to rent the villa, so the room is made in this style: this way the villa will cost more than with a traditional childrens room. The headboard performs a dual function – it is also a work desk at which the child can do homework, and there is a bookcase and an armchair to the left of the bed.

The bright and spacious bathroom with two round mirrors over the sinks adjoins the garden bedroom located on the minus ground floor. Here we combine our favorite elements: wood and concrete, while the cabinets and pouffe are finished with natural rattan.

A bathroom with a tree that has been growing on the property since before the villa was built is adjacent to the master bedroom. The customers wanted to keep it, so the villa was specially designed so that the tree ended up in the bathroom. A bamboo wall near a tree is also a wish of our customers. The bathroom and sinks are made of artificial stone here.

The ceiling in the living room is a little higher than in the rest of the rooms, and there is an additional row of windows under it. It is made of wooden beams, between which dried and processed for durability bamboo is lined – this gives comfort and warmth. The bookshelves installed near the sofa also perform a dividing function: there is a staircase leading to the parking lot behind them, and a guest toilet next to it.

The kitchen is made in modern style and combines wood furniture and stone countertops.

The refrigerator is built into the kitchen.

We use high-quality Chinese brand furniture, in particular Simplex, but the villa also has elements of decor and furniture of our brand, which are made in China especially for our clients. There is a gray armchair in the childrens room, lamps over the table and a pouffe in the living room, and a pouf next to the vanity table in the master bedroom.

The living room opens onto the relaxation area: here the infinity pool, in which the water overflows, creating a sense of the infinity of the pool, sun loungers and a terrace with vine-like wicker greenery. You can also climb to the roof of the master bedroom from here.

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- by Matt Watts