PMN Milano by Archventil

PMN Milano is a chic mid-century apartment located in Milan, Italy, redesigned in 2021 by Archventil.

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The project is the result of studying a new layout based on the requests of the clients, both of whom come from the fashion industry and have very refined taste with special attention to detail. The main topics were to design a large kitchen for living and being able to fully enjoy the bathroom area as if it were a spa. The kitchen block defines the entrance space that then opens to the living area. Here you can benefit from the light coming from the French window that leads to a very large terrace that can also be accessed from the bedroom.

The kitchen with dark tones contrasts the soft and cozy environment in which it fits, giving strong character to the overall mood with the top of the top that ends in a peninsula to be used as a snack top and with the wall dedicated to the full-height columns that is lightened by the final element whose side has been enriched with shelves. Another undisputed protagonist of the living area is the wall covered with TRG plaster panels that simulate a curtain that meets an external sliding door in iron and glass that leads to the bathroom area.

Crossing this threshold, one is unexpectedly confronted by a large wall, also made of iron and glass, that separates the first area with washbasins and sanitary ware from the one dedicated to the free-standing bathtub and a very large walk-in shower. The detachment is further accentuated by the use of different finishes: in the first part continues the Italian-spine parquet flooring present in the rest of the dwelling, while the second area is completely covered in both floor and walls in Ceppo di Grè-effect stoneware evoking a box effect.

Finally, through a rasomuro door that hides on the wall of the living area we reach the bedroom, intimate and extremely enveloping thanks to the tone of blue that was selected for the walls. It is a very cozy but extremely relaxing room capable of accommodating the necessary and without being cold.

Photography by Alessandro Santi

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- by Matt Watts