The Mysa Home by Quirk Studio

The Mysa Home is a modern Scandinavian-style apartment located in Bandra, Mumbai, India, designed in 2020 by Quirk Studio.

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Burrowed in the upscale coastal suburb of Bandra, Mumbai, The Mysa Home is a young family’s haven in the heart of the beaming cosmopolitan city. The term Mysa (MEE-sah) in the Swedish language hints at comfort and the enveloping feeling of coziness. This home’s design ethos has a pivotal focus on the creation of an environment that emphasizes the enjoyment of space with the entirety of one’s senses, consciously immersing them in the indulgence of fleeting moments.

The quaint, sea-facing apartment echoes the tranquility of its surroundings and almost seems to beckon the quiet vastness and serenity through the thresholds of the abode. Large floor-to-ceiling fenestrations are reminiscent of the yesteryear Bombay apartments; they render the interior spaces awash in natural light that transforms through the length of the day. The play of daylight in this home figuratively hints at the vision of pervasive warmth that embraces the residence.

As a young couple who have embarked on the journey of owning and inhabiting their first home, the client brief places crucial importance upon creating a dwelling which exudes familial warmth, cocooning them in a series of spaces to rest, convene and contemplate. In devotion to the maxim of ‘less is more’, the home’s DNA is intended to be an ensemble of bright, capacious, and timeless spaces that are interwoven with minimalism.

The coherence of the brief and a shared tethered vision chisel to life the design identity adopted in this home. Nordic and Scandinavian influences in which the residence is immersed is a resultant of the clear manifestation of the client’s brief, which in turn moulds the apartment’s aura. At the Mysa Home, simplicity is the chosen medium of expression of Hygge (to be laced with a feeling of contentment and wellbeing) which frontlines the focal design resolution. The intended curation of the design elements, a soothing colour palette, and tactile textures coupled with sleek furniture, luminaires, and pieces of art bring the conceptual impetus of the home to the forefront. Every object in the residence introduces a nuanced character in the space, inducing conversations around the level of detail-orientation. The persona of the home pays homage to the inhabitant family’s aspiration to live surrounded by what essentially matters the most to them. Warm tones of wood, neutral hues that bathe upholstered surfaces, monochromes, metallic touches, and hints of natural greenery converge to create the presiding elements of the material palette at The Mysa Home.

The apartment unfurls into an open-plan, living cum dining area that occupies the heart of the layout. Laden in neutral hues, the living and dining areas have been earmarked by a two-tone, colour blocked half wall that interjects the space with visual warmth. Remindful of a snug cottage in the Swedish landscape, the space has been dotted with pattern-play via art, muted upholstery, and a dash of powder blue in the console that is bookended by minimalist prints. The restrained, yet impactful choice of furniture assists in the tactful demarcation of fluid zones, steering clear of the need for physical barriers.

Melding seamlessly with the living section, the dining area is anchored by a solid wood dining table and spindled bench that are coupled with modern upholstered chairs; the grains of the wood further exaggerate the brilliant craftsmanship of the pieces and emanate a welcoming sentiment for the family to dine and converse. This nook is accented by an amber and grey cluster globe pendant light and a warm blue credenza, which boasts of geometricity with its fluted shutters. The rustic art prints and an assortment of bric-a-brac pepper the space to create a greeting vignette.

Stitched into the layout using a partition system composed of clear glass and black metal, the kitchen becomes a homogenous part of the spatial layout. Daylight streams across glazed surfaces and illuminates the galley kitchen, further elevating the all-white pristine interior. The hardware-less cabinetry amplifies the expanse, allowing it to retain its clutter-free visual palette. Vertically-stacked, white subway backsplash tiles accentuate the volume of the compact, yet pragmatic kitchen.

A connective passage flanked towards the private zone of the home prologues the ensuite bedrooms. Keeping in line with the overruling identity of the abode, the passageway is punctuated with Ashwood-hued doors and a collage of watercolor pastel geometric art. The bedroom suites in The Mysa Home are honest extensions of the communal spaces and nod to the overarching pared-down aesthetic.

The master bedroom is utilitarian in its function, yet elevates the look and feel of the room. The taupe Venetian-plastered walls anchor grayscale still-life prints that grace the plush upholstered bed’s headboard. Complementary suave nightstands are paired with amber glass globes and black metal sconces that further iterate the colour scheme in the bedroom. The canvas of the space has been softened by the introduction of monochrome tropical prints that endow the resting space with a rooted demeanour.
Steeped in white, the guest bedroom puts the senses at ease with the first rendezvous. The objet d’art in the room is the floral wallpaper that is swathed with white cherry blossom florets against the faintest mint. The all-presence of white across the furniture complements the inconspicuously tucked beige wardrobe. The brass and white globe pendants hang daintily against the patterned wallpaper that paints the scenic visual of a sprightly summer morning in Stockholm.

The Mysa Home is a robust family home that is helmed by a quiet resonance for the simple elementality. As an embodiment of Nordic elegance, this home has been designed with gusto, while ensuring that it harnesses the ability to evolve with the needs of its end-users. It brings to light a meticulous exercise in place-making, where the quintessential home harmonizes with the sacred contentment of the family that has made it their own.

Photography by Kuber Shah

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- by Matt Watts