Apt Monza by MGK Studio

Apt Monza is a mid-century modern apartment located in Monza, Italy, designed in 2022 by MGK Studio.

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The intervention involved an apartment of 140 square meters, not far from the historic center of Monza, with the original layout typical of the 70s/80s characterized by the presence on the facade of a floor-to-ceiling window, common to the whole building. The strong fragmentation of spaces compared to the large square footage required an intervention aimed at radically rethinking the living area, made an open space, through the creation of a large living room in direct communication with the dining area and kitchen.

The new distribution offers more livable rooms illuminated by natural light and wider and deeper optical cones clearly dividing, the living area from the sleeping area. The articulation of the space is defined both material key and through the installation of elements designed in strong connection with the floor-to-ceiling glass window that serve the function of defining the dining area, kitchen island and bookcase opposed to the supporting structure.

The living area is characterized by the presence of very warm materials, natural oak parquet planks and anodized aluminum, contrasted by a forest green-colored backdrop that punctuates the passages and cuts of light welcoming hallway, services and sleeping area. Seemingly cooler, it lights up in the lighters and windows by picking up the golden warmth of the anodized aluminum ‘fil rouge’ of the entire project. While, in the bedrooms and bathrooms, it dialogues in the use of classic cement tiles with an arabesque motif.

The designer furnishings, including the MAD CHAIR by Marcel Wanders for Poliform, The OMBRA chair by Paolo Lissoni for Lema, the ALAMO table by David Lopez Quincoces, the lamps by Flos and Artemide, the sofa, and the clients’ works among which the collection of antique books to which special attention was given stands out.

Photography by Edi Solari

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- by Matt Watts