Nature House by Anchal

Nature House is a contemporary rural retreat located in Ryn, Poland, designed in 2021 by Anchal.

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The current owners bought the house in a dilapidated state after more than a decade. They were delighted with the space surrounded by a forest and a small lake near the house.

The architect Anna Kuk-Dutka was hired by the new owners who dreamed of transforming it into a contemporary rural retreat. The whole thing was followed by television cameras. The renovation was shown in the TV show “Building dreams”. The architects wanted to connect the house with the forest and use local materials and details.

A large, sliding viewing window only in winter separates the house from the surrounding greenery.

The center of the house has been opened to create one large and spacious kitchen and dining room with a high wooden ceiling. The interior uses mainly wood from old, nearby barns. A six-meter fireplace in the middle of the dining room has been covered with handmade tiles. The dining table, made of old oak, could seat 10 people.

The interior combines traditional elements, including a plank pattern on the walls from Masurian barns, exposed oak rafters with modern interventions. The walls of the house are finished with lime structural plaster, woodwork, doors and furniture made to order from oak. Fire-scorched wood floors combine with travertine tiles.

The owners of the house are artists who live in Warsaw, spend their weekends relaxing at home with their three children.

Photography by Anna Kuk-Dutka

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- by Matt Watts