Stream House by ArchLAB

Explore the stunning Stream House in Vilnius, Lithuania – a contemporary country house designed by ArchLAB in 2022.

Vilnius is recognized for its remarkable architecture and enchanting atmosphere, and Stream House is no exception! This modern escape is situated in the beautiful landscapes of Lithuania, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature.

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About Stream House

Situated in the beautiful landscapes of Lithuania, Stream House is a contemporary country house designed by ArchLAB and completed in 2022. This modern escape offers breathtaking views of nature while providing all the amenities necessary for a luxurious getaway – making it an ideal holiday destination!

Enjoy Luxurious Comfort & Privacy at Stream House

From high-end appliances to cozy furnishings, Stream House has been carefully designed with attention paid to every detail so that guests can enjoy maximum comfort during their stay. Furthermore, this stylish home provides enough privacy that you can truly relax on your vacation.

Uncover Outdoor Adventures & Al Fresco Dining Experiences

The lush garden surrounding Stream House provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking along nearby trails or simply lounging around with friends or family on sunny days. Additionally, there are several terraces where one can dine al fresco under starry skies – perfect if you’re hoping to host an intimate dinner party during your visit!

Experience City Sights from a Country Retreat

Conveniently located just 10 minutes (16 kilometers) away from downtown sights such as Gediminas Castle Tower and Town Hall Square, Vilnius’ city center is easily accessible without sacrificing peace & quietness found at rural retreats like Stream House.

Photography courtesy of ArchLAB

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- by Matt Watts