Boneo Country House by John Wardle Architects

Designed in 2017 by John Wardle Architects, Boneo Country House is a contemporary country house located in Melbourne, Australia.

Modern house with large windows on a green hillside at dusk.
Modern angular house with large windows surrounded by trees on grassy land.
Modern living room with large windows and minimalist design.
Elegant dining room with minimalist wooden design and pendant lights.
Modern dining room with wooden furniture and pendant lights.
Modern kitchen with wooden design, island, and bar stools.
Sleek kitchen interior with large window overlooking trees.
Modern bedroom with wood paneling and large window overlooking trees.
Modern building with vertical metal slats and a corrugated metal facade.
Contemporary house with large windows and rusted steel cladding.

About Boneo Country House

Introducing the Reimagined Boneo Country House

Perched atop sloping farmland, the Boneo Country House offers breathtaking views of Bass Strait and beyond. The transformation of an existing property marks a bold step in a comprehensive site plan. A newly installed timber screen, acting as a modern hedge, encircles a serene courtyard. This cultivated oasis sits amidst the Mornington Peninsula’s undulating hills.

A Seamless Blend of Old and New

From the old structure, the new house gracefully extends across the slope. It reveals itself, connecting with the vast vistas of Bass Strait and Port Phillip Bay. The use of copper on the house’s flanks brings a sharp, defined edge to its appearance. Strategic openings in this copper skin meticulously frame the divine views offered by the site, merging structure with scenery.

In summary, the Boneo Country House stands as a testament to thoughtful architectural reinvention. It harmoniously blends with its landscape while offering protected spaces that invite engagement with the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Photography by Sharyn Cairns

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- by Matt Watts