C.SPACE by co.arch

Introducing C.SPACE – a modern office space located in the emerging Certosa District area of Milan, Italy. Designed in 2023 by co.arch, C.SPACE is a hybrid physical and digital space, combining both post-pandemic comfort and convenience.

With three main spaces – an event room for up to 30 people, a kitchen/design thinking lounge, and a podcast room – C.SPACE is perfect for informal meetings, small events, courses, sports, recreational activities, and streaming.

Located northwest of Milan, C.SPACE is sure to be an oasis of modern design in the heart of Italy.

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Never Before Seen Transformation of Office Space After Pandemic

The post-pandemic world has caused a profound transformation of office space, where many of the taken-for-granted dogmas have been re-discussed. It is no longer imaginable to have an office space without the necessary technological equipment to make it connected and efficient.

C.Space: A Hybrid Physical and Digital Experience

Designtech and C.space have joined together to create an experimental space that has been designed down to the smallest detail. Located in the Certosa District area of Milan, within the Forging office campus, this hybrid physical and digital space was created with the intent to provide an example of a new reality that can be replicated in other cities. The small size of the space has created an almost domestic oasis, with three main spaces.

The Event Room: Flexible and Stream-Ready

The event room is flexible and suitable for informal meetings, small events, courses, sports, and recreational activities. With its streaming and video equipment, it can host up to 30 people with ease. Above the event room is the kitchen area, perfect for small design thinking sessions.

The Podcast Room: 4K Streaming with a View

The podcast room is an evolved, wired meeting room with all the necessary 4K streaming equipment, as well as a view of the city. The interior design of the space provides an opportunity to experience products and materials, as well as the most innovative technologies.

Partnership with Major Brands

C.space has been able to involve important partners such as Ernesto Meda, Ceramica Vogue, Tarkett, Arpa, Fenix, Quadrifoglio, Kreon, Schneider Electric, and Hwstyle, all of whom are synergistically present in the space. This has allowed the project to become a standing and interest among many people.

Photography by Luca Privitera

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- by Matt Watts