Ukrajinska Flat: A Slice of Industrial Chic

Discover the Ukrajinska Flat, a masterpiece of modern and industrial design in Bratislava, Slovakia. Designed in 2023 by gmb., this apartment blends sleek lines with raw textures, embodying the city’s dynamic spirit. Step inside to explore how this contemporary space redefines urban living in one of Central Europe’s architectural gems.

Bright modern living room with wall-mounted bookshelves and a gray sofa.
Modern living room with pink closet doors and a wall bookshelf.
Modern room with pink wall and extensive bookshelf visible through doorway.
Bright, airy room with sheer curtains, wooden floors, and a built-in book
Modern kitchen interior with pink cabinets and wooden dining area.
Modern kitchen with pink cabinet, dark counters, and wooden table.
Modern room with pink sliding panels, wooden table, chairs, and pendant light.
Bright minimalist hallway with white shelving and a small desk by the window.
Modern home office with white shelving, wooden desk, and a chair.
Modern interior with pastel walls and exposed concrete beam.

About Ukrajinska Flat

Embarking on a visual journey through the Ukrajinska Flat, one is immediately struck by the harmonious blend of modern and industrial aesthetics. Designed in 2023 by the renowned gmb., this Bratislava-based apartment epitomizes the architectural renaissance of Slovakia.

Industrial Charm Meets Modern Living

As you step into the living area, the vast bookshelves command attention, showcasing a bibliophile’s dream. The exposed concrete beam across the ceiling juxtaposes the smooth, white walls, infusing the space with an industrial yet homely ambiance. Sunlight filters through sheer curtains, casting a warm glow over the herringbone-patterned floors. Here, design and comfort coalesce, inviting residents into a space that feels both expansive and intimate.

A Palette of Pastels and Concrete

Transitioning to the corridor, the use of stark concrete overhead continues, leading to a bathroom awash in vibrant yellow tones. This splash of color breathes life into the apartment, standing out against the minimalist design. The corridor’s pastel walls soften the starkness of the exposed concrete, exemplifying gmb.’s ability to balance industrial grit with playful hues.

Culinary Craftsmanship in Compact Design

The kitchen reveals a masterful use of space, where sleek, dark cabinetry complements the light wood dining table. Stainless steel appliances reflect the modern lifestyle, while a touch of nature is evident in the strategically placed greenery. Every element in the Ukrajinska Flat is a testament to gmb.’s vision of creating a living experience that’s as functional as it is aesthetically appealing.

In each room, the Ukrajinska Flat presents a story of contrasts: raw yet refined, bold yet understated. This apartment is not just a living space—it is a statement of modern living in the heart of historical Bratislava.

Photography courtesy of gmb.

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- by Matt Watts