Villa A: Teamstar’s Ocean-Inspired Masterpiece in Japan

Immerse yourself in the elegance of Villa A, Teamstar‘s 2023 architectural triumph nestled on Akiya Beach, Japan. This contemporary house stands as a testament to harmonious design, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Mt. Fuji.

With its wave-inspired vaulted roof and hillside-integrated structure, Villa A merges environmental sensitivity with luxurious amenities, including an infinity pool and a wood-burning sauna. Revel in a space that captures the spirit of Japanese yachting culture in every detail.

Modern house with curved roof, pool, and large windows overlooking a street.
Modern living room with large windows overlooking the ocean.
Modern open-concept home interior with ocean view, wooden table, and curved ceiling
Modern kitchen with wooden features, a large dining table, and unique pendant lights.
Modern home entrance with overhanging roof, steps, and potted palm.
Modern house with curved roof and clean lines against a blue sky.
Aerial view of a unique angular building with a white roof next to a road
Modern seaside home with expansive windows and outdoor pool at dusk.
Modern home exterior with curved roofs, poolside, at dusk.

About Villa A

A Majestic Oceanfront Retreat

Villa A, set in Akiya Beach, overlooks the breathtaking Pacific Ocean near Hayama, the cradle of Japanese yachting. Its design echoes this stunning locale, adopting a sculptural form. The large vaulted roof, adorned with wave-like arches, symbolizes white, rolling ocean waves.

A View Towards Mt. Fuji

Perched on a southwest-facing hillside, Villa A’s roof points west, towards majestic Mt. Fuji. Here, the ocean’s presence permeates every corner, offering diverse and captivating views.

An Underwater-Inspired Entrance

Entering the villa, you’re transported to the ocean floor. A white spiral staircase, resembling a spiraling seashell, leads upwards. At the top, the Pacific Ocean’s grandeur unfolds before you.

Eco-Friendly Design Melding with Nature

The villa’s layout mirrors the site’s natural contours. The arches of the vaulted roof step up, following the hill’s slope. This approach minimizes environmental impact and maximizes views. Each room, from the entrance to the kitchen, offers a unique ocean perspective. The main level’s décor evokes the feeling of sailing on a yacht.

Innovative Construction for Expansive Spaces

The roof’s curved lines create a spacious interior illusion. Constructed primarily of reinforced concrete, the roof features wooden arches made from 7m×900mm (about 23ft×2.95ft) cross-laminated timber panels. This required precise planning and skillful execution.

Blurring the Lines Between Inside and Out

Large sash windows in the living room merge the interior with the exterior, enhancing the outdoor feel. The terrace boasts an infinity pool, wood-burning sauna, and an outdoor kitchen. A jacuzzi adds to the resort-like ambiance, perfect for entertaining and relaxing by the sea. Villa A is more than a house; it’s a luxurious lifestyle by the ocean’s edge.

Photography by Kenya Chiba

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- by Matt Watts