Camp Sarika: A New Dawn in Luxury Wilderness Resorts

Discover the unrivaled beauty of Camp Sarika by Luxury Frontiers, nestled in Canyon Point, United States. This unique hotel, designed in 2020, redefines luxury camping in North America’s desert landscape. With 10 canvas-topped pavilions, each offering private plunge pools and breathtaking views, the design harmonizes with the natural surroundings. Engage with the serene desert from a space where elegance and the great outdoors seamlessly intertwine.

Luxury tent-like structure with a plunge pool in a desert landscape.
Sleek living space with large windows overlooking rocky terrain.
Contemporary living space with large window overlooking mountains.
Contemporary bedroom with sleek furnishings and large windows.
Modern bedroom with a minimalist design, neutral tones, and a ceiling fan.
Contemporary bedroom with twin beds, canvas ceiling, and wooden accents.
Minimalist bedroom with large windows, neutral tones, and a ceiling fan.
Contemporary desert terrace with sculptural canopy and loungers.
Modern outdoor patio with pool, furniture, and desert cliffs in the background.
Contemporary desert resort with pool, loungers, and natural rock backdrop.
Luxury outdoor pool with loungers and umbrellas set against desert cliffs.
Luxurious poolside lounging area with scenic rocky backdrop.
Luxurious tented pavilion in desert at dusk.

About Camp Sarika

A Sanctuary Amidst the Desert

Camp Sarika, conceived by the renowned international design and development services firm Luxury Frontiers, stands as a beacon of unparalleled solitude and luxury. Launched in July 2020, this expanse stretches over 136 acres (55 hectares) of Utah’s majestic desert, offering an escape into the wilderness that is both intimate and grand. Surrounded by the dramatic mesas and the deep hues of rusted sands, Camp Sarika is not just a hotel but a declaration of harmony between architectural design and the untamed nature of the American Southwest.

Architectural Marvel in Canvas and Wood

At the heart of Camp Sarika’s design philosophy is the seamless integration of each structure with its awe-inspiring landscape. The ten tented pavilions, split evenly between one and two-bedroom configurations, boast a robust design capable of withstanding severe weather conditions, including snow loads up to 12 tons. Each pavilion extends over a spacious area—ranging from 1,884 to 2,820 square feet (175 to 262 square meters)—and features indoor and outdoor living spaces, private plunge pools, and full en-suite bathrooms. The design ethos mirrors the pristine beauty of the desert, with interiors adorning natural colors, textures, and materials that speak to the soul of the wilderness.

Immersive Outdoor Experience

Beyond the luxury of its pavilions, Camp Sarika promises an immersive connection with the natural world. The strategic architectural design, including sliding doors and shaded decks, invites the outdoors in, ensuring a harmonious living experience. Each pavilion comes equipped with its private pool and firepit, creating a perfect setting for relaxation amidst the vast landscape. Telescopes provided in each accommodation enhance the outdoor experience, allowing guests to gaze into the starry skies, adding a touch of magic to their stay.

Luxury Meets Wilderness at the Central Pavilion

The central pavilion of Camp Sarika is a marvel of minimalist design, encompassing an arrival area, restaurant, spa, lounge, pool, and Jacuzzi. Designed with a deep respect for its natural surroundings, the main building effortlessly merges with the canyon landscape. Inside, guests are welcomed by a stunning art piece by Maya Lin, evoking the journey of water through the desert. The pool area, designed for serene relaxation, offers secluded daybeds and a heated jacuzzi, making it a tranquil refuge.

Camp Sarika by Amangiri has reimagined desert camping, combining the solitude of the wilderness with unparalleled luxury. It stands as a testament to the beauty of architectural ingenuity and the timeless allure of nature, offering a sanctuary for those seeking a peaceful retreat from the bustling world.

Photography courtesy of Luxury Frontiers
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- by Matt Watts