Bauma Hotel: A New Jewel in Costa Rican Tropical Architecture

Discover Bauma Hotel, designed by StudioDelRio in 2023, nestled in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. This hotel embodies tropical architecture with its monochromatic volumes shaded by extensive eaves, offering guests privacy and unity through its masterful layout of villas and units. StudioDelRio‘s design promotes a smooth transition between luxurious interiors and vibrant exteriors, exemplifying contemporary living in a tropical paradise.

Modern tropical homes with sloping roofs and balconies amidst lush greenery.
Aerial view of a sleek, contemporary home with an outdoor pool.
Modern outdoor patio with furniture overlooking a pool and glass sliding doors to the interior.
Modern living room with a white sofa, green kitchen cabinets, and large windows.
Contemporary living space with large kitchen island and pendant lighting.
Modern bedroom with artistic wall decor, white bedding, and wooden chair.
Modern bedroom with a large bed, wooden accents, and a sliding glass door leading
Bright bedroom with large windows, tropical view, and contemporary furniture.
Modern bedroom with artistic wall design, dark green cabinetry, and stylish furnishings.
Contemporary bedroom with large monochrome botanical mural and minimalistic decor.
Modern outdoor patio with furniture, art, and hot tub near a house.
Contemporary bathroom with green wall, glass shower, and plants.
Modern buildings with slanted roofs surrounded by lush greenery and a mountain backdrop.
Modern house with large windows, a pool, and surrounded by greenery.

About Bauma Hotel

A New Chapter in Tropical Architecture

BAUMA HOTEL, nestled in the vibrant ecology of La Fortuna, Costa Rica, represents a breakthrough in tropical architecture, offering an experience deeply rooted in its environment. Designed by StudioDelRio in 2023, it spans over 3000 square meters (approximately 32,292 square feet), including two villas, six units, and various communal spaces. This hotel stands as a testament to design that harmonizes with nature.

Innovative Design Elements

Emphasizing a connection with the outdoors, BAUMA HOTEL features wide openings shielded by extensive eaves, blending indoor comfort with the allure of tropical landscapes. The architecture incorporates monochromatic volumes, casting large shadows, a necessary response to La Fortuna’s relentless tropical climate. Through simple yet bold forms, StudioDelRio has crafted spaces that offer different perspectives, encouraging guests to experience both the micro and macro beauties of the setting.

Private and Unified Spaces

Strategic planning ensures privacy for each element within the hotel, while also promoting a sense of unity through interconnected pathways and design continuity. The landscape design addresses two pivotal aspects: fostering close relationships between the units and defining space for each element with natural spatial perception and vibrant colors. These outdoor areas are integral to the BAUMA experience, providing a direct connection to Costa Rica’s exuberant natural palette.

Luxurious Living and Functionality

The villas at BAUMA HOTEL are designed with spacious layouts that feature clear thresholds between indoor and outdoor spaces, facilitating a seamless transition into the lush exteriors. Their use of textures further complements this intent, enhancing the sensory experience of the guests. The multifunctional space of the hotel, arranged over two levels, flexibly accommodates both indoor and outdoor activities, catering to the diverse needs of guests without disrupting the peaceful ambiance.


BAUMA HOTEL by StudioDelRio is more than just a place to stay; it’s an embodiment of high aesthetic tropical architecture that invites exploration and relaxation in equal measure. Each design decision, from the choice of materials to the spatial arrangement, reflects a deep understanding of and respect for the unique climate and ecology of Costa Rica, offering guests countless opportunities to immerse themselves in a luxurious yet sustainable tropical lifestyle.

Photography courtesy of StudioDelRio
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- by Matt Watts