Get Your Home Summer Ready

Summers are the perfect time to spruce up the look of your home and add a few cool elements to avoid the heat. You might already be waiting for the long summer days when you can spend time outdoors and enjoy barbecues, but preparing your home for the long summer days is an ideal way to proceed. The easiest way to keep the home cool is to use heavy curtains and shut the windows by 11 am to avoid the heat. You can opt for bamboo curtains or blinds, and keep the heat out. Here are a few tips and tricks to help get your home ready for summer.

Use natural fabrics

The best fabric for the summer is cotton, followed by linen. Whether it is for the sofas or your bedding, these fabrics will give comfort and keep you cool at all times. They have insulating properties that allow you to remain cool even when it is too hot outside. Opt for natural and environmentally friendly fabrics and change the bed linen as per the season. 

Check the air conditioner

The one thing you will use the most in summer is the air conditioner, and since you haven’t used it for the past few months, you need to check if it is in working condition. The air conditioner should get regular maintenance from professionals, and if it requires a replacement, speak to a professional and seek help for air conditioning installation. If your appliance has been running for ten years or more, you will need to get it replaced, and the sooner you do, the better it is for your well-being.

Bring the outdoors i

One way to keep cool inside the home is to keep indoor plants. They will help purify the air and bring the temperature down. Additionally, they can also add style to the home if you arrange the plants right. Look for plants that need minimal maintenance and can thrive in the indoor environment. House plants like peace lily and English ivy can absorb the moisture in the air and reduce humidity.

Choose soothing colors

The best way to keep your space cool is to use light colors inside the home. They reflect light and will give a pleasant ambiance to the space. If you can change the color before the onset of summer, look for light colors and build a base for the interiors. You can pick neutral colors like ivory or opt for shades of green to get a cooling effect. Even warmer tones like lilac, or burgundy can be ideal. Add accent pieces that have been inspired by nature to brighten up the space. You can choose abstract or floral prints to enjoy the warmer days and make your home look bright and welcoming. 

Look for energy-efficient lights

A cost-effective way to reduce the heat inside your home is to change the lighting. The lighting in your home can make or break the look. Consider using energy-efficient lighting instead of artificial lighting which adds more heat to the space. Switch to the cooler lighting fixtures like LED lamps and remove the incandescent bulbs. Besides reducing the heat, the lights will save energy and reduce your bills. 

Get the garden ready

After the risk of frost has passed, you need to start preparing the garden for the months of summer. Sweep away the debris and dead leaves and mow your lawn to give it a new look. You might as well remove the weeds that have grown and prune your bushes to allow plants to grow. Head to the market and bring home seeds of quick-growing plants like sunflowers and sweet peas which can add color to the space and also attract many butterflies and bees. 

Clean the outdoor furniture

If you are someone who loves hosting during the summer, you need to get the outdoors ready for it. Now is the perfect time to give your furniture a little makeover. You can restore the pieces by removing the cobwebs, dirt, or debris that is accumulated in winter. Use warm soapy water for it and if you have wooden furniture, you can use a pressure washer to remove the grime. Once done, consider giving it a new look with a coat of varnish and it will change the way your garden looks. 

Lastly, play with summer tones in and outside of your home. Give it a seasonal makeover by adding fresh colors in your living room in the form of cushion covers or your bedroom in the form of bed linen. You do not need to spend a lot of money on it, and your home will be summer-ready. It is a chance for you to experiment with bright textures and add a splash of color to the space. 

- by Matt Watts