Suite a Faloria Mountain Spa Resort: A Luxury Escape in the Dolomites

Located in the enchanting Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, Suite a Faloria Mountain Spa Resort, designed in 2023 by Flaviano Capriotti Architetti, redefines luxury in the heart of the Dolomites. Offering an array of elegantly designed suites, this hotel seamlessly blends contemporary design with alpine influences, creating a unique five-star experience. With a focus on local materials and sophisticated interiors, each suite promises comfort, exclusivity, and breathtaking mountain views.

Cozy living room with wooden ceiling, plush furniture, and mountain views through large window.
Cozy living room with wooden ceiling, modern furniture, and nature-inspired artwork.
Cozy bedroom with wood-paneled ceiling, plush bedding, and stylish furnishings.
Cozy modern bedroom with wooden ceiling, floral mural, and monogrammed blanket.
Warm-toned wood paneled ceilings, inviting bed, and adjoining bathroom with modern accents.
Luxurious bathroom with marble vanity, wood-framed mirrors, and teal tile accents.
Striking bathroom with vibrant teal tiled walls, round vanity mirror, and wood furniture.
A modern bathroom with vibrant green tiled walls, a freestanding bathtub, and chrome fixtures.
Rustic wooden interiors with large windows offering scenic mountain views. Elegant dining setup.
A cozy dining area with wooden beams, a mural, and a stylish pendant light.
A cozy wooden sauna interior with an arched window, benches, and warm lighting.
Spacious indoor pool with stone walls, glass windows, and green tiled floor.
A wooden mountain lodge building with a snowy backdrop and balconies.

About Suite a Faloria Mountain Spa Resort

Discovering Modern Alpine Luxury at Suite a Faloria Mountain Spa Resort

In December 2023, the Faloria Mountain Spa Resort in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, enriched its five-star offerings with the unveiling of the new Tofane Suites and a Penthouse Suite, creatively designed by Flaviano Capriotti Architetti. The suites range from 538 to 861 square feet (50 to 80 square meters), showcasing a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and the captivating Alpine backdrop.

Flaviano Capriotti Architetti has masterfully extended the hotel’s spaces while integrating it smoothly within the stunning landscape. They have achieved a careful balance of sophisticated Alpine vibes and contemporary design, all the while emphasizing a discreet luxury. Local materials, including dolomia stone, brushed larch, woolen fabrics, and blue-green majolica, are reinterpreted with a modern twist, resulting in spaces that epitomize comfort and exclusivity.

Warm tones and a homely feel mark the interior of the suites, featuring parquet floors, larch wood paneling, and woolen headboards adorned with botanical patterns inspired by Alpine flora. Among the suites, three are split-level, boasting magnificent views of the most majestic mountains in the Ampezzo Valley. These accommodations feature expansive living spaces with plush sofas and dining tables, dual master bedrooms with walk-in closets, and ensuite bathrooms equipped with comfortable showers and freestanding bathtubs. Historical larch paneling and ceilings have been meticulously restored, incorporating new walls with charcoal-stained oak details and ivory-colored fabric.

Penthouse Suite: A View of Olympic Heritage

Located centrally within the hotel, the Penthouse Suite offers views of the historic 1956 Olympic ski jump. Distinguished by its double-height ceilings, the suite exudes a contemporary elegance through larch wood walls and linen boiserie adorned with floral prints. Decor elements designed by Flaviano Capriotti coexist with prestigious Italian design brands, offering a luxurious living space that opens into a spacious walk-in closet with a makeup area, surrounded by walls clad in “Faloria blue” fabric.

The botanical theme, inspired by the 18th-century Florae Austriacae atlas by Nikolaus von Jacquin, showcases ten Alpine flowers reproduced on the bed headboards and throughout the hotel. This botanical narrative extends to the SPA, common areas, and the restaurant, creating a coherent visual and sensory storyline within the hotel.

Guests at the Faloria Mountain Spa Resort can rejuvenate in the 10,764 square feet (1000 square meters) SPA, featuring a semi-Olympic pool of 82 feet (25 meters), Calidarium, internal and external Vitality pool, relaxation area, and fitness center. The culinary journey led by Chef Giovanni Gagliardo blends local traditions with Mediterranean culture, highlighting ingredients sourced from local producers around Cortina, all while emphasizing sustainability and the natural identity of the region.

This detailed exploration into the distinctive offerings of Suite a Faloria Mountain Spa Resort reveals a space where luxury, design innovation, and the raw beauty of the Dolomites converge, offering an unmatched hospitality experience.

Photography by Andrés Otero
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- by Matt Watts