Pleats: Innovating Courtyard Living in Arizona’s Landscape

Discover Pleats in Phoenix, Arizona—a stunning 1850 SF private house designed by The Ranch Mine in 2019. This modern residence uniquely integrates the essence of desert flora, specifically the Saguaro Cactus, into its architectural design. Featuring indoor-outdoor living spaces, a serene courtyard, and innovative use of materials like corrugated metal and a wood rainscreen, Pleats redefines the concept of a contemporary desert home.

Minimalist architecture with a mix of wood paneling and white walls, featuring clean lines.
A wooden-clad modern home with a striking gabled roof and large windows, surrounded by a gravel path.
Spacious open-plan interior with sleek wood cabinetry, marble countertops, and a striking pendant light.
Sleek and modern kitchen with marble island, warm wood cabinetry, and large windows.
Sleek, minimalist bedroom with sliding black door, wooden floors, and outdoor pool view.
Modern bathroom with wooden vanity, geometric tile flooring, and hanging pendant lamps.
The image shows a modern, sleek house with a black exterior, large windows, and a swimming pool surrounded by lounging chairs.
A modern, black metal-clad structure with a large covered patio and pool at sunset.
Contemporary residential building with wooden facade, geometric shapes, and landscaped courtyard.
A modern, rectangular home with a dark roof and large windows overlooking a swimming pool at sunset.

About Pleats

Innovative Desert Living: Pleats

Nestled in the Phoenix, Arizona foothills, the ‘Pleats’ house by The Ranch Mine presents an architectural homage to the Saguaro Cactus. Designed in 2019, this 1850 SF private residence reimagines the traditional courtyard house with a modern twist. Upon approach, the stark, geometric volumes draw the eye, while the wood rainscreen and corrugated metal echo the desert’s natural flora.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition

Stepping inside, the open-plan great room invites the outdoors in through expansive glazing. The carefully crafted perforated metal patio cover diffuses the Arizona sun, creating a space where light and shadow play. Sleek lines and sophisticated finishes define the kitchen, with its rich wood cabinetry and gleaming white countertops.

Intimate Spaces within Modern Design

The private quarters are exemplified by the primary suite. Here, warm wooden floors and floor-to-ceiling glass offer serene views of the enclosed courtyard, complete with a tranquil swimming pool. In the bathroom, hexagonal tiles and contemporary fixtures encapsulate modern luxury. As day turns to evening, the courtyard glows with the fading sun, solidifying ‘Pleats’ as a pinnacle of desert modernism.

Photography courtesy of The Ranch Mine
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- by Matt Watts