Cardinal Cove: Exploring the Modern Homestead in Dartmouth

Discover Cardinal Cove, a stunning house designed by DSK | Dewing Schmid Kearns Architects + Planners in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Conceived in 2021, this property showcases a contemporary charm that seamlessly integrates with its picturesque coastal setting. Experience the sophisticated blend of New England traditions and modern architectural elements in this unique residence.

Modern wooden structures with roofs and windows, set in a lush, landscaped yard.
Spacious open-concept living area with vaulted wood-paneled ceiling, large windows, and modern decor.
Contemporary kitchen with sleek cabinetry, open shelving, and pendant lighting.
Cozy window nook with plush cushions, wooden framing, and serene outdoor view.
Modern wood-paneled room with white furniture, red rug, and blue accent door. Tall window provides nature view.
Cozy nook with wood paneling, bench seating, and geometric lighting, overlooking nature.
A well-designed wooden exterior with a stone path leading to the entrance, surrounded by lush greenery.
A contemporary barn-inspired home with warm wood siding, large windows, and a landscaped yard.
A modern, wooden house with large windows and a grassy landscape surrounding it.
A modern, multi-level home with gray wooden siding, red accents, and a well-landscaped yard.

About Cardinal Cove

Contemporary Charm at Cardinal Cove

Nestled on the serene coastline of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, the Cardinal Cove project emerges as a jewel of modern architecture. Designed in 2021 by DSK | Dewing Schmid Kearns Architects + Planners, this house exemplifies a harmonious blend of innovative design with the tranquil surroundings of its New England locale.

As dusk falls, the dwelling’s unique silhouette is illuminated against the twilight sky. Timeless shingled exteriors pay homage to regional traditions, while large windows hint at the contemporary comforts that lie within.

Inside Cardinal Cove: A Seamless Flow

Entering the main living space, one is greeted by an expanse of natural light and an open-concept design that immediately captivates. Soaring ceilings and minimalist pendant lights emphasize the area’s airy ambiance. The generous inclusion of wood in wall cladding and furniture warms the space, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Adjacent to the comfortable seating, the kitchen serves as a functional centerpiece. Here, clean lines and soft tones coalesce with bold pops of color. The space is a culinary artist’s dream, fusing practicality with stylistic flair. Occupants can enjoy casual meals at the sleek breakfast bar or gather at the dining table for a scenic view through the expansive red-framed windows.

Intimately Designed Nooks and Private Spaces

Transitioning to more intimate quarters, the designers tactfully integrated cozy nooks. A picturesque window seat tucked beside the kitchen provides a secluded spot for contemplation or simply enjoying the verdant outdoors.

In contrast, the more private realms of the house juxtapose vibrant colors against neutral palettes, as evidenced in a secluded corner perfect for reading or relaxing. This space showcases how color can define the character of a room, with a stark red rug anchoring the area and soft furnishings inviting serenity.

Deep within the home, a cleverly placed bench under a window offers another personal retreat. It’s these thoughtful touches that transform Cardinal Cove from merely a house to a dynamic home — one that caters to both communal engagement and individual reflection.

Finally, stepping outside leads one along a pathway of stepping stones set amidst lush greenery, further cementing Cardinal Cove’s deep connection to its environment. From innovative exterior lighting to thoughtful landscaping, evening views of the residence reaffirm its status as a beacon of modern design infused with the spirit of its coastal setting.

Cardinal Cove stands as a testament to the prowess of DSK Architects, a masterpiece where every corner has been meticulously crafted to foster an unparalleled living experience.

Photography courtesy of DSK | Dewing Schmid Kearns Architects + Planners
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- by Matt Watts