Plaza Residence: A Seamless Blend of Modern Design and Heritage

Welcome to the Plaza Residence, a masterpiece of apartment design by gne Architecture, crafted in 2015 in New York, NY, United States. This luxurious property harmoniously blends contemporary aesthetics with the historical essence of its building, originally a landmark hotel now transformed into a condominium. The design allows the interiors to capture expansive views of Central Park, incorporating modern elements like marble wainscot and muted herringbone floors that pay tribute to its rich heritage.

Sleek, modern living space with plush velvet seating, marble accents, and framed artwork.
Vibrant modern room with geometric purple artwork, plush blue seating, and sculptural pink chairs.
Elegant dining room with striking metallic divider, plush purple stool, and crystal chandelier.
Contemporary dining room with modern lighting fixture, wood slats divider, and herringbone wood flooring.
Minimalist office space with dark built-in bookshelves, sleek lighting, and marble flooring.
Minimalist interior design with vibrant artwork, blue sofa, and modern lighting fixtures.
Elegant bedroom with sleek gray walls, dramatic lighting fixtures, and plush furnishings.
Luxurious bathroom with intricate marble surfaces, statement lighting fixture, and modern fixtures.
Sleek, modern bathroom features striking marble walls, minimalist vanity, and a folding stool.
Minimalist bathroom with white walls, marble vanity, and framed abstract artwork.

About Plaza Residence

Reviving Classic Elegance in Modern Living

Nestled in the heart of New York, NY, the Plaza Residence epitomizes modern luxury entwined with historical reverence. Designed in 2015 by gne Architecture, this apartment blends contemporary and classic aesthetics within a landmark hotel turned condominium. A continuous open plan accentuates the stunning Central Park views, ushering in a fresh, airy ambience.

Entering the expansive living room, one’s eyes are immediately drawn to the juxtaposition of vibrant green seating against the muted herringbone floors. Here, gne Architecture has masterfully combined comfort with modern flair.

A Symphony of Space and Artistry

Transitional spaces in the residence flow effortlessly, marked by bold sculptural elements and dynamic pops of color. A striking purple chair becomes a focal point, set against the geometric purity of a simple white table and an intricate wall tapestry.

The dining area presents a cohesive ensemble of functional elegance, with sleek black chairs encircling a white table. A golden sculptural partition adds a layer of opulent texture, harmonizing the modern with the historical.

Intimate Corners of Thought and Reflection

In the library, custom bronze and glass bookcases rise against grey leather panels, cradling first edition novels. This space is a testament to the owners’ passion for literature and design, offering a sophisticated retreat for contemplation.

Art takes center stage in the corridor, with bold contemporary works breathing life into the serene backdrop. Each piece beckons a pause, inviting reflection amidst the residence’s calm progression.

The bedroom exudes a peaceful elegance, with soft lighting enhancing the serene color palette. It’s a sanctuary where soft furnishings and art blend into a restful harmony.

Finally, the marble-clad bathroom reflects grandeur, with meticulously selected veining amplifying the sense of luxury. The timeless material pays homage to the building’s legacy, providing a sumptuous conclusion to the residence’s interior journey.

In the Plaza Residence, gne Architecture has transcended mere living spaces, crafting a home that fuses the spirit of New York’s past with the personalized vision of its inhabitants.

Photography courtesy of gne Architecture
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- by Matt Watts