Sodon Lake House: Midcentury Modern Sanctuary in Michigan

When the Disbrow Iannuzzi-designed Sodon Lake House in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA, was revived in 2021, the owners sought to infuse the midcentury modern home with the light and energy of Venice Beach. With a thoughtful renovation focused on sustainability and durable materials, the 5,300-square-foot residence now offers a cozy, art-filled haven for the family of four.

A modern, minimalist home with a striking red entrance door, surrounded by lush greenery.
Modern, single-story house with large windows, surrounded by lush greenery and a landscaped garden.
Modern home interior with sleek lighting fixtures, wooden stairs, and built-in bookshelves.
Spacious, bright interior with modern architectural features and wood accents.
A bright, spacious room with floor-to-ceiling windows offering a lush, verdant view.
Vibrant, geometric children's playroom with colorful storage units and interactive toys.
A spacious, modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, glass shower, and wood cabinetry.
Serene mid-century modern home surrounded by lush greenery and wooden accents.
A modern, multilevel house nestled among lush greenery and mature trees, with large windows allowing ample natural light.

About Sodon Lake House

An Architectural Gem in Michigan’s Bloomfield Hills

When industrial designer Martine Ilana and her family returned to Detroit after a decade in California, they sought to recreate the light and energy of Venice Beach. Fortunately, they discovered a hidden gem: the 5,300 square foot (492 square meters) Sodon Lake House.

A Midcentury Modern Masterpiece

Tucked away on a steeply sloping site, the Sodon Lake House takes its name from the dichothermic lake it overlooks. While the mid-century modern exterior appears modest, the home’s interior reveals a series of intermediate floor levels that create cozy living, dining, sleeping, working, and entertaining spaces.

Transforming a Neglected Sanctuary

The home had been uninhabited for nearly four years, but the young family quickly fell in love with its quirky charm and panoramic lake views. Tasked with completing the entire project, including planning, design, permitting, and construction, in just 12 months, they selected Iannuzzi Studio for their design expertise, environmental stewardship, and client-first approach.

A California-inspired Refresh

Iannuzzi Studio, in collaboration with Martine’s design firm, Temescal Creative, focused on sustainable and durable materials throughout the renovation. They covered the 1950’s era reddish brown brick with an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) to improve insulation, and replaced decayed wood siding with a custom rainscreen of unfinished cedar for passive cooling and long-term durability.

Enhancing the Interior

The interior remodel prioritized efficient circulation and access to daylight. Brightly colored surfaces, low-maintenance materials, and no-VOC finishes contribute to a healthy and uplifting environment. Where possible, the structural slab-on-grade was exposed, ground, and polished, reducing unnecessary material finishes.

A Vibrant and Sustainable Transformation

Completed in 2022, the Sodon Lake House has been successfully restored and transformed into an artistic, chic, and uniquely warm abode for a family that embraces essential living. This architectural gem in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, showcases the power of sustainable design and thoughtful renovation to breathe new life into a neglected midcentury modern treasure.

Photography by Christopher Payne/Esto
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- by Matt Watts