Araz House: Pimodek’s Contemporary Redesign in Istanbul

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Araz House is a captivating residential project designed by Pimodek Architecture in 2023. This contemporary four-storey, 500-square-meter home in the Pasifik Mansions neighborhood underwent a comprehensive interior redesign to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing living environment for a family of three.

The design process focused on the homeowners’ daily routines and preferences, resulting in an open-plan ground floor with a linear living room, dining area, and lounge with a fireplace, as well as an expanded kitchen and sunroom. The upper levels house private spaces like bedrooms and a study, while the basement features a second living room with a TV area and bar.

Elegant, modern dining room with geometric light fixtures, marble table, and plush seating.
Elegant living space with ornate ceiling, fireplace, and built-in shelving.
Spacious open-concept living room with marble-topped dining table, pendant lighting.
Elegant living room with ornate coffered ceiling, abstract artwork, and plush furnishings.
Modern kitchen with sleek black and wood cabinetry, pendant lights, and lush greenery outside.
Striking modern kitchen with dark cabinetry, wood accents, and sleek lighting fixtures.
Modern kitchen-dining area with sleek black steel frame, natural wood cabinetry, and lush greenery views.
Inviting indoor-outdoor living space with plush black seating, glass walls, and lush greenery.
Elegant bathroom design featuring a circular mirror, textured walls, and a minimalist vanity.
Cozy bedroom with modern curved lighting fixture, textured furnishings, and built-in bookshelves.
Sleek, modern bathroom with wooden vanity, blue vessel sinks, and bold black slatted accents.
Elegant shower enclosure with marble-patterned tiles, black fixtures, and overhead rainfall showerhead.
Cozy outdoor living area with pergola, comfortable seating, and a stylish fire pit.

About Araz House

Araz House: A Contemporary Redesign in Istanbul’s Kemerburgaz

Tucked away in the vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey, Araz House is a remarkable architectural marvel. Designed by the renowned Pimodek Architecture firm in 2023, this project represents a comprehensive redesign of a detached residential property within the Pasifik Mansions development.

Tailored to Modern Living

Originally built in 2013, the four-story, 500-square-meter (5,382-square-foot) home underwent a complete transformation to create a contemporary living environment that caters to the needs and lifestyles of its three-person family. By carefully considering the homeowners’ daily routines, the design team demolished the previous closed-off layout and reimagined the space to optimize functionality and aesthetics.

The Heart of the Home

The ground floor now serves as the vibrant center of the home, featuring a linear living room with designated areas for sitting, dining, and relaxation, including a cozy fireplace. The kitchen, which has been expanded to accommodate the family’s preference for spending time there, seamlessly connects to a sunroom that further integrates the indoor and outdoor living experiences.

Private Sanctuary

The upper levels of the home are dedicated to the private spaces, including the master bedroom suite with its own bathroom and dressing room, as well as a nursery and nanny room. Additionally, the attic level boasts a guest bedroom and a hobby room for the homeowner, who is a talented painter.

Basement Bliss

Descending to the basement, visitors are greeted by a second living room, complete with a TV area and a bar, offering a cozy and versatile space for relaxation and entertainment. The expanded areaway allows this lower-level room to benefit from natural light while seamlessly connecting to the garden.

Throughout the redesign process, the architectural team at Pimodek Architecture carefully preserved the original facade, ensuring a harmonious blend of the old and the new. The result is a stunning, contemporary living space that caters to the homeowners’ modern lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, creating a truly captivating residential experience in the heart of Istanbul.

Photography by İbrahim Özbunar
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- by Matt Watts