Prague 1 Flat: Petr Jančálek’s Renovation of Historic Apartment

Designed by renowned Czech architect Petr Jančálek, the Prague 1 Flat showcases a stunning transformation of a historic apartment in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. This complete reconstruction and extension project, completed in 2023, seamlessly blends the property’s original classicist charm with modern elements and technologies, creating a harmonious living space that celebrates the apartment’s rich heritage.

Featuring a new roof dormer, an outdoor atrium, and meticulously restored wooden beamed ceilings, this apartment project exemplifies the designer’s vision to revive the artistic values of the historic apartment while thoughtfully incorporating contemporary design sensibilities.

Spacious living area with exposed wooden beams, modern kitchen, and cozy gray sofa.
Modern kitchen with sleek black cabinets, wood countertop, and a vase of vibrant flowers.
Rustic wooden beams, modern white built-in shelving, leather armchair, and minimalist decor.
Expansive glass walls provide a seamless connection to the lush outdoor scenery.
Elegant living room with wooden beams, plush seating, and a stylish glass coffee table.
A modern living room with lush indoor plants, a glass coffee table, and a monochrome art piece.
A modern bedroom with a minimalist design, featuring a large bed, wooden nightstands, and a marble-clad bathroom.
A modern, minimalist bathroom with a freestanding tub, potted plant, and neutral-toned artwork.
A modern bathroom with sleek, gray marble walls, a minimalist sink, and hidden storage.

About Prague 1 Flat

Timeless Transformation: A Classicist Apartment’s Harmonious Rebirth in Prague

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Prague, this meticulously renovated apartment in a historic 1837 corner house exemplifies the harmonious fusion of ancient charm and modern elegance. Designed by acclaimed architect Petr Jančálek, this comprehensive reconstruction and extension project breathes new life into a culturally significant space while preserving its original character.

Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future

Upon entering, one is immediately struck by the exposed wooden beams that adorn the living room ceiling, a testament to the apartment’s storied past. The reed ceiling, once hidden, has been carefully stripped and cleaned, revealing the inherent beauty of the original architecture. This sensitive restoration pays homage to the property’s heritage while seamlessly integrating contemporary elements, such as the frameless sliding doors that connect the living area to the serene outdoor atrium.

A Harmonious Interplay of Textures and Tones

The design ethos throughout the apartment is one of balance and refinement. Natural wood tones and hues of gray and white create a soothing, cohesive palette, while the strategic use of natural stone in the bathrooms and on the vanities lends an air of understated luxury. Carefully curated furnishings and artwork, many sourced locally, add depth and character to the spaces, complementing the architectural features.

Crafting a Serene Oasis

The crowning jewel of this renovation is the new rooftop dormer, which floods the apartment with natural light and provides direct access to the outdoor atrium. This tranquil sanctuary, complete with seating areas, offers a private respite from the bustling city below, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

A Masterful Blend of Old and New

Throughout the apartment, Jančálek’s design seamlessly integrates modern technologies and amenities, such as the sleek, minimalist bathroom fixtures and the smooth polyurethane flooring, without compromising the historic character of the space. The result is a harmonious balance that honors the past while embracing the needs of contemporary living.

A Timeless Sanctuary in the Heart of Prague

This meticulously renovated apartment in Prague’s Karlín district stands as a testament to the power of sensitive, thoughtful design. By respecting the property’s rich history while infusing it with modern comforts and amenities, Petr Jančálek has created a truly timeless sanctuary – a harmonious blend of old and new that invites residents and guests alike to experience the enduring charm of this historic city.

Photography courtesy of Petr Jančálek
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- by Matt Watts