Snidanishna: Discover Ukraine’s Cozy Cafe Design Oasis

The Snidanishna cafe in Kharkiv, Ukraine, is a masterful blend of modern Ukrainian design and traditional cultural elements. Designed by the renowned IK-architects in 2024, this 150 square meter space showcases a harmonious fusion of elements from across the country, creating a uniquely cozy and authentic atmosphere. From Lviv’s Stryisky district to the Kharkov region’s Zmievsky steeps, the interiors embody the collective spirit of Ukraine, celebrating its rich heritage while embracing a contemporary aesthetic.

A cozy dining room with rustic wooden furniture, bold red chairs, and a striking moss-covered chandelier.
Minimalist cafe interior with wooden tables, red chairs, and a large round mirror above.
A modern, open-concept dining area with a lush, vibrant floral installation as the central focal point.
A cozy and stylish cafe interior with wooden furniture, warm lighting, and natural decor.
Modern cafe interior with minimalist tables, chairs, and pendant lighting against a warm-toned wall.
A cozy interior with curtains, a tiled storage unit displaying ornate pitchers, and warm lighting.
Warm, rustic kitchen design featuring a brick-like tile backsplash, wood shelving, and a pizza oven.
Cozy seating area with sleek metal chairs, plush pillow, and pampas grass decor framing the window.
Modern vanity with circular mirrors, floating sinks, and hanging pampas grass.

About Snidanishna

Embracing Ukraine’s Rich Heritage: Snidanishna Cafe’s Captivating Design

In the heart of Kharkiv, Ukraine, the recently opened Snidanishna Cafe has become a beacon of modern Ukrainian design. Envisioned by the talented team at IK-architects, this 150 sq. m. space once housed an Italian restaurant, but now serves as a harmonious blend of traditional elements and contemporary flair.

Crafting a Collective Ukrainian Identity

The designers’ primary objective was to create a uniquely Ukrainian interior that celebrates the country’s rich culture and traditions, without veering into clichés. From the Stryisky district of Lviv to the Kharkiv region’s Zmievsky steeps, the cafe’s decor draws inspiration from various corners of Ukraine. Handcrafted dishes from the village of Oposhnya in the Poltava region and modern Ukrainian industrial design furnishings contribute to the overall sense of national pride.

A Cohesive Spatial Experience

The Snidanishna’s interior embodies a holistic design approach, where every element, from the furniture to the lighting, seamlessly integrates to form a cohesive spatial experience. The designers have meticulously crafted a delicate balance, ensuring that nothing can be added or removed without disrupting the overall harmony of the space.

Inviting Dining and Gathering Areas

Upon entering the cafe, visitors are greeted by a warm and inviting dining area. Wooden tables and red chairs create a rustic-chic ambiance, while the striking pendant lighting and lush greenery overhead add a touch of elegance. The space is further enhanced by a centrally positioned display case showcasing an array of farm-fresh produce and artisanal crafts, further reinforcing the cafe’s commitment to supporting local Ukrainian businesses.

A Harmonious Bathroom Design

The attention to detail extends to the cafe’s bathroom, where round mirrors and minimalist faucets complement the warm, earthy tones of the space. The seamless integration of visual, spatial, and tactile elements creates a harmonious and calming environment for guests.

A Holistic Approach to Ukrainian Design

The Snidanishna Cafe’s design is a testament to the architects’ deep understanding of Ukrainian culture and their commitment to creating a space that celebrates the country’s rich heritage. By seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary elements, the designers have crafted an inviting and visually striking environment that immerses visitors in the collective identity of Ukraine.

Photography by Pavel Lyutov, Dmitry Dychek
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- by Matt Watts