A Quick Buck: Innovative Showroom Design Meets the Metaverse

The Moscow showroom of “A Quick Buck” by AR Architects blends physical and virtual realities, creating an immersive fashion experience. Inspired by the metaverse concept, this 2023 project features a captivating LED cube, interactive screens, and meticulously curated faux fur elements that elevate the space into a transformative, stylish sanctuary.

A modern, minimalist interior with bold pink furniture, industrial pipes, and concrete walls.
A bold, modern interior with sleek gray walls, plush pink seating, and dramatic floral graphics.
Vibrant, futuristic interior with geometric shapes, plush textures, and dynamic lighting.
Striking modern interior with bold graphic wall panels, plush pink furnishings, and reflective surfaces.
A vibrant, futuristic retail space with geometric shapes, mirrors, and plush pink furnishings.
Modern wall shelving system with pink accents and plush pink seating, complementing the industrial ducts.
Striking modern interior with arched entryways, mirrored surfaces, and bold pink accents.
Modern interior with chrome-framed display showcasing a vibrant pink espresso machine.
A minimalist, monochrome space with a vibrant green, textured wall and geometric patterns.
Vibrant pink fur-lined room with sleek metal details and architectural lighting.

About A Quick Buck

Blending the Physical and Virtual: A Showroom Redefining the Metaverse Experience

In 2023, AR Architects unveiled a groundbreaking showroom in Moscow, Russia, that seamlessly merges the physical and virtual worlds. Dubbed “A Quick Buck,” this innovative space defies traditional boundaries, offering visitors a whirlwind of innovation and style.

Inspired by the concept of the metaverse, the showroom creates an immersive experience where reality and the digital realm intertwine. Consequently, tactile elements like faux fur, concrete, and metal coexist with captivating digital displays, transforming the space into a canvas of fashion ideas.

Fitting Rooms Designed for Photographic Flair

Particularly noteworthy are the showroom’s unique fitting rooms, each fully covered in plush faux fur and adorned with individual colors – pink, blue, yellow, and green. These picturesque spaces serve as ideal backdrops for photoshoots, allowing visitors to capture their personal style in a visually stunning setting.

Captivating Central Composition

Upon entering the main hall, visitors are greeted by a captivating central composition – a large LED cube equipped with an interactive screen. This innovative design element creates the impression of an unfolding metaverse, complementing the showroom’s overall visual atmosphere.

Inside the cube, visitors can immerse themselves in dynamic video presentations showcasing new clothing collections and abstract video installations that offer an original vision of the fashion world. Surrounding the cube are several planets, each with its own unique characteristics, further enhancing the sense of an ever-evolving metaverse.

Reflective Surfaces and Unique Patterns

Architectural elements, such as the stainless steel arched openings featuring mirrored floors and a mirrored coffee area, visually expand the space. Unique patterns are also applied to various design elements, including the bathroom sink, the central zone’s steichen, and the radiator grilles, adding to the showroom’s innovative and creative character.

Seamless Integration of Concepts

The showroom’s design seamlessly integrates successful ideas from the team’s previous project in Kazan, including a non-standard concrete sink embedded in the floor and a vibrant pink bowl in the sink. These elements, combined with the showroom’s overall metaverse-inspired concept, create a harmonious and visually striking experience for visitors.

At just over 92 square meters (1,000 square feet), the A Quick Buck showroom in Moscow redefines the traditional retail experience, blending the physical and virtual worlds to offer a truly captivating and innovative showcase for fashion and design.

Photography by Sergey Krasyuk
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- by Matt Watts